10 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Kitchen

The words “spring cleaning” can make the neatest person cringe. They mean more work. As if cleaning all year long wasn’t enough. Spring cleaning is more than just cleaning…it is deep cleaning. Something that most people do not have time for all year long. Since my expertise is cooking, I have decided to focus on spring cleaning and dirt build up prevention tips for the kitchen….

Baking soda or club soda will clean and shine stainless steel sinks easily. Simply apply directly to surface and scrub a dub dub.

To Remove stubborn water spots from a stainless sink scrub with a cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol or vinegar.

To freshen up your “white” porcelain sinks, place paper towels across the bottom of your sink and saturate with bleach. Let sit over night and rinse.

After you’ve cleaned your refrigerator and freezer place an open box of baking soda in the back of each to help absorb odors for about a month.

A few drops vanilla extract on a piece of cotton placed in the refrigerator will also help eliminate odors.

Wipe refrigerator with vinegar after cleaning to help prevent mildew.

Change your refrigerator light bulbs…that way you never have to worry about them burning out during the year.

To clean baked-on food from a cooking pan, put a dryer sheet in the pan, fill with water, let sit overnight then sponge clean. The anti-static agents help weaken the bond between the food and the pan and the fabric softeners will soften the baked-on food.

To clean burnt or scorched pans, sprinkle pans liberally with baking soda, adding just enough water to moisten. Let stand over night.

To get those stubborn stains off of the inside of you microwave; spray liberally with two parts water and one part bleachFree Web Content, heat on high for 20 seconds and let stand for about an hour. The stains should come right off. For really stubborn stains heat for 30 seconds and let sit for 2 – 3 hours.

How To Set Up Google Plus Business Profile?

Know how to you can create business page with Google plus because its a great way to promote your business at Google. Know what are the steps to promote.

Gmail business profile offers a variety of features to customers which are useful for dealing with different types of business requirements. Customers may need to store a lot of information and emails in case they use Gmail or business. Keeping this in mind Gmail offers greater storage space and more features so that users can make the best use of the Gmail account. It is also easier to manage a large number of emails with added features. In order to receive a large number of information users can also make use of Google vault which is a paid feature available to customers who want to save huge information in cloud storage. This feature is usually used by companies.

Apart from this if you use Google does business profile you will be able to make bulk mails through Gmail which is otherwise not possible through ordinary e-mail accounts. However, you have to ensure that your mails are being viewed by the recipients in order to avoid blacklisting. If you use Google plus business profile, Gmail will promote your business and you will be able to attract more leads and increase sales. If you want to establish a Google plus business provides you have to open a Gmail com for business. Once you open a Gmail account for business you will be able to access Google plus business profile.

There are plenty of paid features with heightened utilities. Customers can make use of these features in order to increase the reach of their business. They can make interactions with their clients through voice calls and video calls at know extract cost at all. This is a very fast and convenient way of communicating with business associates as one doesn’t need to pay any extra money apart from the Internet charges. More and more companies are now using Google plus business profile to promote their business throughout the globe.

If you find any problem in creating over because business profile you can contact Gmail Techncial Support Customer Service Phone Number. With their help and assistance you will be able to understand the process and complete the procedure of opening the Google plus business profile. In case of any confusion you can dial the toll free help line number and speak to the technical associatesFree Web Content, and they will provide quality remedies in the shortest turnaround time. The tech support team of Gmail has quality solutions which are focused around the needs of the customers.



Ten Tax Planning Ideas for Small Businesses in 2009


S Corporation:  Set up an S Corporation to avoid self-employment
tax on profits. If you conduct business as a sole proprietor, a partnership,
or a limited liability company the first $106,800 of 2009 profits are subject to a self-employment
tax rate of 15.3%. The profits in excess of $106,800 are
subject to a Medicare tax rate of 2.9%. These self-employment tax rates are in addition
to paying income tax on the profits. An S Corporation is not subject to self-employment tax on the profits earned.
But you must take “reasonable” compensation as salary subject to F.I.C.A.

Bad Debt Expense:  A reserve for bad debts is not deductible,
but you can write off accounts receivable in the year in which they become uncollectible. 
Be sure to take advantage of writing off all those uncollected accounts at year

If you used a collection agency, you can deduct a portion of the debt that will
go to the collection agency as a fee (around 25%).  You can write off that
amount at the time you turn over the receivable to the agency.

Medical Expense:  For 2009, eligible self-employed
individuals can deduct from gross income 100% of the amounts paid for health insurance
coverage. The deduction is limited to net earned income from the business, less the deduction
for 50% of the self-employment tax.
Also, you cannot take the deduction for any month you were qualified to participate
in an employer sponsored health plan.

If you conduct business as a corporation, set up a corporate medical reimbursement
plan. Medical costs are generally personal expenses deductible only to the
extent that they exceed 7.5% of your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). However,
medical reimbursement plans set up by C Corporations let you deduct all the medical
costs you incur for yourself, your spouse, and dependents. These plans must
cover all eligible employees.

Equipment Expense:  For 2009, Section
179 of the Tax Code lets companies deduct up to $133,000 of new equipment, subject
to certain limits. (This limit is reduced by the amount by
which the cost of section 179 property placed in service in
the tax year exceeds $530,000.) Passenger vehicles are excluded from the expensing election.
A passenger vehicle is defined as having a loaded gross vehicle weight of
less than 6,000 pounds.

The tax code also allows an accelerated method to depreciate the remaining value
of that equipment – it’s faster than the straight-line method of depreciation.

Home Office Expense:  Write off home-office expenses. 
You can take this deduction even if you use the space for administrative purposes,
as long as there is no where else you can work.  When you use one room in your
six room home as an office, you can deduct one-sixth of your costs for utilities,
security, homeowner’s insurance, etc. as well as all costs for the room such as
carpeting.  Although you can also claim the depreciation on your home used
for home office, you should consult a qualified tax advisor prior to doing so to
understand the impact it will have on the exclusion of gain when you sell your residence.

Travel Expense:  Deduct business trips by putting your spouse
on the payroll. When spouses are on the payroll, even at low salaries, cost
of business trips that include the spouse can be fully deducted. You should
also be aware that putting your spouse on the payroll in 2009 will also double the
amount of Social Security tax owed up to the first $106,800 of income.

Hiring Children in the Family Business:  Put your children
on the company payroll. When you employ your children in the business, for 2009
you can pay them up to $5,350 in salary free from Federal tax. The “kiddie”
tax doesn’t apply to wages, so children under age 18 get this tax break, too.
Have your children put $4,000 into a Roth IRA, where it will compound tax-free over
time. When the money is left in the account until they turn 59 ½, they will
never have to pay out any tax or penalties on that money or its earnings.

If your business is not incorporated, and the children are under age 18, neither
you, as employer, nor your children will owe Social Security or Medicare tax on
their wages.

Retirement Planning:  Put more money away in your company
retirement plan for yourself than for your employees.  Business owners who
are more than 20 years older that other company employees can set up a defined-benefit
pension plan instead of a defined-contribution plan.  Because they are funding
a specific benefit (not putting away a percentage of salary) and have fewer years
to do so, owners can contribute more to the plan for themselves than their employees.

Claiming Business Losses:  Make the most of business losses.
If your company has a net operating loss in 2009, it can be carried back two years
or carried forward up to 20 years to offset future profits. To get a refund,
file an application on Form 1139 for corporations and Form 1045 for sole
proprietorships. Most refunds are sent out by the IRS within
two months.

Education:  Set up a company tuition-reimbursement plan to
pay a child’s school cost.  Businesses can set up plans that pay up to $5,250
in tuition per employee annually.  Business owners’ children must work for
the company, be older than age 21, own no company stock and cannot be claimed as
a dependent on the owners’ tax returns.



Alan L. Olsen, CPA, MBA (tax) is the managing partner at Greenstein Rogoff Olsen  & Co., a top Bay Area CPA firm. A specialist in income tax planning, he frequently lectures and writes tax planning articles for professional organizations and community groups.

Pet Business Ideas

“When all the receipts are tallied, Americans will have spent $13.64 billion on their pets in 2004. And that number is climbing each and every year.” If you want to start a business of your own and you are also a pet lover – there are many different pet business ideas to choose from. It is definitely worth it to take some time and do your research!

Pet Business Ideas and profit margins are plentiful – but first you have to find which pet business is right for you. There are many different pet business ideas you can choose from, you just have to find one that will work for “you”.

Below are the most popular pet business ideas to give you just a glimpse of what is possible. We didn’t even list all of them! Which pet business would make a perfect match for you?

A dog bakery business is by far the most popular of new pet businesses popping up all around the world. If you love pets and you also love baking, this would be a perfect match. The profit margins are incredible as the treats can be made for pennies and sold for twice that and more! One of the great things about a dog bakery business is you can do business online, offline or both leaving you will many options!

A pet sitting business ranks in as the second most popular pet business idea. Just imagine spending your day with your favorite four legged friends and making money too! Pet Sitting is a pet lovers dream.

Pooper Scooping might not sound pretty but it’s a viable option. Pooper scooping is one of the fast growing trends in the past two years. With just a few accounts to attend to weekly you can find yourself making a nice paycheck for you and your pet business.

Pet grooming is yet another popular pet business to start! I know I bring my dog to get groomed every fourth week of the month, imagine if you had just a few regular dog lovers that brought their dog in for grooming sessions!

Many of these pet business ideas can be started right from the comfort of your own home and on a shoe string budget! We suggest before picking your business and jumping in that you first find out the laws and regulations in your county and state for such a business. For instance, some states will not allow you to bake dog treats from your own home kitchen. It is important to find out your laws before starting your business to avoid any mishaps later.

To read more pet business ideas and articlesPsychology Articles, come visit us on Indulge Your Pet.com where we also have pet lover forums where you can interact with other pet lovers and pet business owners!

The Effective Service of a Plumbing Contractor –


When you are finding a plumbing contractor you must ensure that they are efficient in each and every sector of plumbing. You need to be sure that when the leakages are fixed by the plumber you will not have to call them again to fix the problem.Water is inclined to seep into the cracks in the ground. A proper check must be made so that there are no internal leakages. If there is a leakage, then the walls of the building will be affected; in time the dampness will weaken the walls of the building. When hiring a contractor for their plumbing services you should begin your search for those who are experienced and have the equipments to deal with emergency situations. A contractor will develop a good reputation if he is able to provide easy plumbing solutions and excellent servicing to his clients. When you hire a plumber he should be quick to provide a solution for the leakages; you should be sure that the plumber is excellent in handling the job that has been assigned to him so that a small problem does not turn into a disater for you. He must be a thorough professional, knowing that he has been enthrusted with an important assignment in his hands. Greeting the customers with a warm smile and always ready to provide a helping hand are qualities you must look for in your plumbing contractor.It is very important that you check the reputation of your plumbing contractor. Timonium residents make a thorough check before they hire a contractor. The reputation of the company can be checked on the companies website where thorough details regarding their services can also be obtained. Reparing the leakages are not the only services that you should expect from your contractor. They are specialists who also deal in installing and repairing old pipes, faucets in your bathrooms and kitchen, sinks and shower. A good contractor realizes that no plumbing work is big or small; if a small leakage is not treated well in time then it can result into a serious issue. Not only will the issue become dangerously serious but will also cost a lot to be fixed. Hiring a specialist plumber to look into the plumbing maintenance and repair work will ensure that you will not have troubles to repair the fixtures of your home for quite some time.

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Plumbing contractor Timonium – Looking for the services of a plumbing contractor? Saffer Plumbing and Heating offers a full range of residential plumbing services for residential customers in Timonium and the surrounding areas.

Handyman Services Range and Inclusions


A handyman is an individual who is skilled in general all around jobs as well as odd jobs which may be difficult to manage for home owners or other people who maintain an establishment. There are aspects to the career which are commonly associated with it such as having some knowledge in electrical works, plumbing and carpentry.ResidentialWhile there are a lot of residents who hire handymen for jobs or tasks that the homeowners may have some difficulty dealing with, the bulk of the job sometimes lie in the commercial district. In spite of these, big companies that offer services are more than glad for the work that residential establishments send their way.Included in the possible task list of a handyman are the general repair, maintenance and installation of electrical and plumbing fixtures and devices, general small carpentry work, painting and other decorative tasks and the organization and cleaning of storerooms, attics and garages of the home. Some other tasks which may fall under special tasks are those pertaining to the garden, such as maintenance, installation of fixtures and structures and designing. Outdoor jobs may also be requested from the service such as seasonal maintenance for decks and patios as well as the cleaning of gutters and eaves.CommercialThe commercial range of tasks that are included for a handyman are basically similar to that in residences but with a larger scope. The replacement of light fixtures and repair of drywall and cubicles are just a few of the tasks that may be necessary in the commercial aspect of the job. Cleaning of vents and the maintenance of the HVAC system may fall under the scope but the establishment may actually prefer this to be maintained by someone from the installer of the unit. The carpeting maintenance as well as cubicle installation may be done by the service. Other odd jobs or special tasks can be discussed before the hiring of the service. They usually do not take on things which they are not knowledgeable about since there is a risk of damage to the unit or injury to the individual himself in doing so.The individuals enlisted as handymen may have specializations with which they are trained in. Some specialize in electrical while others in plumbing. This does not mean that one individual may not be able to do the others work it just means that some have specializations. It is important to note down which service one was satisfied with in order to be able to have them maintain the odd jobs in the home or establishment in the future.



An Austin Handyman provides effective home repair and home improvement services. They offer reliable and professional service performing top quality repairs, remodels, and more. To find one visit http://www.angieslist.com

Small Online Business Ideas For Home Entrepreneurs

These are a few small online business ideas suitable for home entrepreneurs to turn into a profitable home business with nothing more than a computer and Internet connection.

Home entrepreneurs are one of the fastest growing type of business owners in the world today. It is very appealing to have your own business and do it from the comfort of your own home. Here are a few small online business ideas you could turn into a profitable home business.

1. Join a network marketing company. There are thousands of people making money with this small business idea.

It is also known as multilevel marketing or having your own mlm business. Today making money in this business model is easier thanks to the Internet.

It’s easier to sell products online because you do not have to collect the money or deliver products to your customers directly. It’s also easier to sponsor people into your downline because you can use the Internet to automate much of the prospecting and sponsoring process.

You can literally build a worldwide operation if you’re in the right type of MLM program. Programs that have products that do not require shipping allow you to enroll people in virtually every country of the world.

As your business grows you will have thousands of people underneath you that you are making money on. This gives you the benefit of having a small online business without needing to hire employees to grow.

2. Sell affiliate merchant products as an affiliate marketer. There are millions of affiliate programs you can join right now for free.

This is an excellent small business idea because the products are provided for you, and you get marketing materials to promote them with. This is a hands-off way to make money because you do not have to ship the products to get paid.

Examples of how you get paid include pay per click, pay per lead, and pay per sale programs. You can do one or more of these to make very good money and you can do it on your computer at home.

3. Start a service business taking care of other Internet marketers’ needs. There are plenty of Internet businesses that will pay you to do things they do not have time to do. Examples of this include blog writing, graphic design, blog set upFree Articles, and becoming a virtual assistant.

4. Flip domain names. This can be a lot of fun and very profitable as well. You purchase domain names that you think have value to them. This could be an existing domain name or one you think of yourself.

You then turn around and market these online. People will pay good money for a domain name that they need for their own Internet business. This has low overhead and your main business expense is the time involved.

This is a handful of small online business ideas for home entrepreneurs. Every one of these can be run with nothing more than a computer and Internet connection.

Free Octogon Picnic Table Plans-3 Tips on How to Save Time And Money Using Plans


It does not matter if you are a handy man or not. Think like a contractor.All of them are handy but they would never start anything without a blueprint.It is not just about getting it started, it is about getting done fast.It is possible with free octagon picnic table plans and I am going to show you where to get them.First get your plansWhen you first look at your plans, you will see that not only you find out how to built your table but also what kind of wood to buy and how much of it.It is very important because you may over or under estimate how much to buy and end up doing endless trips at Home Depot all day long.You know how time fly fast and so does the week end so you really cannot afford to waste it.Get all your tools readyFree octagon picnic table plans also tell you what you are going to need as far as tools and equipment are concerned.Not having the right tools to begin with is the major source of wasted time.It takes a specific kind of screws and hardware to put it together, the ones you have in your garage almost never fit or are not in sufficient number so make sure you get all this stuff covered as well.Putting it all togetherOnce you have everything ready, you can start cutting all your pieces and put them together. It is a lot easier than most people think. How many times have you started a project and ran out of ideas because you did not have a blueprint to follow?Your table will be ready for you to use all summer long instead of having it ready only for labor day.

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I found a geat source for free octagon picnic table plans and not just that but also storage sheds, benches, wood chairs and much more.See my page for ressources and ideas at http://www.woodworkingplansonline.blogspot.com. So get your plans, get started right away and get it done! You can do it a lot faster than you think.

Construction Law – Providing Legal Expertise for your Building Construction or Related Issue


Construction law fall within an area of law that deals with issues such as lawful regulation, ordinances, legal requirements, labor laws concerning modification, demolition, adjustment or construction that related to a structure or building. There are two primary subsections that exist in this area of law; construction accident law and contractual construction law.Individuals such as contractors, builders and homeowners that have a legal issue concerning a building construction or related area can call on the services of expert lawyers in construction law for help. Because construction law basically focuses on the general methodologies and principles in construction such as regulatory framework, contract selection and methodologies, subcontract issues, performance security and more, having a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer in this area of law is essential to for all your building concerns. If you need a lawyer for issues such as breach of contract, property liens, construction defects and more, find a lawyer that will cater to your legal need.In the area of construction law and contracts, contracts that relate to innate legality, legal parameters, expressed stipulations in regard to a construction effort and site are required. These contracts name and illustrate the parties that are involved in the construction effort or project, the legal restitution when the contract is not upheld, and the responsibilities of all parties mentioned in the contract. Within this area of contractual law, legal requirements and legislation that must be adhered to by all parties may include:- Adhering to industrial, commercial, or residential zoning laws- Adhering to security and safety protocol- Contract agreements delivery of finished product- Contract agreements delivery of fee contingent when services are rendered- Adhering to ethical and fair employment measures In the event you feel that others have not fulfilled their obligation with your contractual agreement, hire a professional and experience lawyer to help protect your rights and interests. Whether your need is the recommendation of a building inspector, evaluation contract provisions, or document defects and more, you can hire a lawyer to build a rock-solid case for you. You can also take a proactive stand to protect your assets and want to prevent cases from being filed against your, and experienced lawyer can help you with that as well. Jurisdiction may fall under construction law in the area of legal restitution when an accident occurs on a construction site. This can include administrative law, personal injury law, labor law, commercial law, employment law and more. A legal review for an accident occurring on an instruction site may involve an investigation into certifications, adherence to inspection regulation, adherence to mandatory security and safety measures and more. If you are having legal trouble or want to prevent legal action from being taken against you or your firm in the future, it is recommended for you to consult with a lawyer. You can schedule an appointment to discuss your law concerns as they relate to construction with an attorney to get legal counsel, find out payment options and also get a case evaluation. If you have a busy schedule, find out if you can set up an appointment after business hours.

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A Pittsboro construction law expert will make sure you receive the settlement you deserve. Stop waiting on your pay day, go and get it! Just visit: www.staffordandheafner.com.

Signs You Need Home Appliance Repairs

They always say that if you don’t repair a crack on the wall, you may end up building a new wall from scratch. The same case applies when it comes to Appliance Repair at your home. If you suspect that any of your home appliance is not operating as usual, it needs to be attended to by a professional.


Using DIY may not come in handy especially when you have little or no experience at all. No matter which type of appliance you are suspecting, it is always essential to call a technician who has skills of handling a damaged appliance. You can rarely bring back to life your appliance if you are not a trained profession on its functionality. Having that said Appliance Repair is something you need to do time to time especially when an appliance at your home has malfunctioned. The major challenge is knowing when to call an expert who can repair that specific appliance. Never worry because the following signs should alert you;

Failure to Turn On

You may woke up early in the morning ready to use your appliance but it is not turning on at all. It could be a coffee maker that malfunctions completely. Such signs have no plan B but just to seek a professional who does Appliance Repair in your local area. You can’t substitute any appliance that you rely upon everyday with another because you will be immediately inconvenienced. The good news is that if you seek for appliance repairs the early, the better because you will absolutely save some cash and stress too.

Abnormal Behavior

Failure to turn on is just but the tip of the iceberg but what about when you can’t easily figure out? Your appliance regardless of what its function is can also turn on but works in a different and undesirable way. For example, your microwave may take too long to heat your favorite meal than it used to be. You could be used to heating your food for a certain time but it’s no longer as warm as it used to be. Here, Appliance Repair will be the only remedy to solve the error since its a complicated issue that can’t be solved by a layman but an appliance technician. 

Increased Energy Bills

Each and every home always has a rough estimate of what it pays when it comes to energy bills. What about when the next bill you check, you are sent into despair? The bill has been hiked by a huge figure? Maybe last month you paid $100 for electricity bill but this time round its plus $150? This should be a shocking reality but the problem could be that of a malfunctioning appliance. When this happens you need to immediately call an appliance expert who can inspect all your home appliances and determine what could be wrong. By calling for Appliance Repair you will in no doubt save a lot when it comes to another bill because an expert will easily figure out the root cause of the problem and offer a permanent solution that will not make you frown every time you receive your energy bills.

Increase Noise

Another sign that an appliance is not working properly at your home is when it makes a weird noise. For example, your air conditioner starts to make noise as it tries hard to cool your home. This could mean that the ducts are clogged and they need to be freed. You need to call an appliance repair professionals to save yourself from paying more on energy bills since a struggling AC will consume more power than otherwise. 


Every time you suspect any of the abovePsychology Articles, don’t just sit there but do something. You ought to seek appliance repair professionals who have what it takes to bring it to life by working optimally. You will also pay less for repairs than replacing the entire appliance system. The good news is that Appliance Repair Experts are just but a call away. You just need to inform them via a call or mail and they will be at your place to offer solution of a lifetime. No more paying extra on energy bills when you can reduce it by seeking for appliance repairs on time.