The leading cleaning company

The 0800 house cleaning company is one of the leading cleaning companies based in London. It enlists the services of well trained staff who are also well motivated to do their work professionally and to the best of their abilities. They do not require instructions on how to do the cleaning work since that is what they already know. You only need to agree with them on your cleaning needs and the charges to pay. They have invested their time, energies and resources in learning the various requirements of the people in London. They have also taken their time to learn the various cleaning methodologies appropriate in various circumstances to make sure they do the right thing, at the right time and place always.


A cleaning company like the 0800 house cleaning company maintains a website which facilitates the flow of information between them and their customers. They encourage customers to book online for which there is an additional discount on service rates charged. The availability of communication channels also facilitates and encourages communication between the cleaning company and her customers. This allows them to get feedbacks on services rendered and helps them identify areas which need improvement and those which must be maintained.


It is also the responsibility of a cleaning company to find out the latest cleaning products, their suitability to existing conditions and side effects if any. It also needs to establish which sellers will sell the genuine products and not counterfeits at the best possible prices. Given there are many companies in the house or home cleaning business, competition is very stiff which also helps to lower prices.

It is therefore necessary for any cleaning company which seeks to remain competitive and relevant to operate very efficiently and this is only possible with sufficient information and adequate training.


A cleaning company takes all responsibility for all cleaning works ensuring they are carried out as agreed and to the customers’ satisfaction. Reputable cleaning companies admit liability for poor workmanship and offer to do repeat jobs at no extra costs to customers. The company takes all supervisory responsibilities over its staff to ensure that quality service is delivered. This is one reason why such companies invest in training their staff and paying them well so they can take responsibility for what they do. Compensating employees well also contributes to retaining them for long periods which leads to consistency in services offered and reduces training requirements.


Nothing good comes easy or for free is a common adage which also applies to home cleaning situations. A good cleaning company will also charge you reasonably for the services offered so do not expect to exploit the services and / or other people’s labor.






A cleaning company operates professional cleaning services and must therefore charge for its services to maintain qualified and well trained staffs. It is easy to find a cleaning company if you happen to live in the city of London. You are encouraged to book online as this offers you greater discounts.


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