How to Organize Your Cleaning Supplies

Everybody has cleaning supplies at home ranging from maps, vacuums, toilet-cleaning brushes, dustpan, and broom. These tools are mainly used to keep your home clean and in order. However, it is also important that you keep them properly. Organizing your cleaning tools is also a vital part of maintaining a clean and manageable home. There are various ways to organize your cleaning materials; among them is to provide proper storage for the tools.

First, you must assess the available cleaning supplies at home. Check if the vacuum is still working properly. If the mop’s head is already worn out, replacing it with a new one would be the best thing to do. Take note of the cleaning items that need repairs as well as those that must be discarded. Throw away those that are already broken, or are not functioning properly since they will just eat up valuable space.

After you have segregated them, start gathering your cleaning items. Those that are used in the kitchen should be placed together, and same thing goes with items that are used in the bathroom. Make use of separate storage boxes when storing these items. Apart from the cleaning tools, you also have to get rid of cleaning products that you will not be using anymore. You can either give them away to your friends, relatives, or neighbors. If you plan to discard them, make sure to carefully read the instruction to learn the proper way of disposing them. Cleaning products which contain ammonia or liquid chlorine bleach must never be combined during disposal.

Once you have disposed those that are not needed, you may now start organizing your cleaning closet by grouping the cleaning items according to their use. Place the items you rarely use inside the storage boxes, or plastic bins, and then, label each storage box so you know where to look when the need arises. For mops, brooms, and dustpan, you can add hooks and wall-mounted holders so you will have a place to hang them.

As for the clean rags, clothes, and towels, you may place them inside the available storage boxes, or hanging baskets. And remember to place the cleaning products in a location that will not be easily reached by children.

If your cleaning closet cannot accommodate all these items, you can stash the remaining tools in the hidden spots in the house like the bookshelf, and the back of the door. Try to maximize the available space in your cleaning closet by stacking your tools properly. Doing so will allow you to do quick cleanups without having to go through a pile of disorganized cleaning items.

Cody Scholberg, a storage box lover, writes about the uses of storage boxes. Learn how to find the right storage box for you.