Wood Flooring Care and Maintenance

There are a multitude of reasons that real wood flooring is such a popular material. It not only looks stunning but it also has the changability and personality of a natural product. As with any natural material there are less-than-desirable features. Wood flooring is not as damage-proof as some synthetic alternatives, it is easier to damage and stain as well.:

1.  Wipe Your Feet
This may sound like the moan of a nagging mum, yet it is also good tip that should allow you to you keep your wood flooring looking perfect. Place doormats and dirt scrapers at each main entrance to stop dirt and grit scraping your wood flooring

2.  Use Flet Pads
Heavy furniture is awful news for wood flooring. It could cause dents, scratches and scrapes. Using floor protectors and felt pads below the legs and castors of heavy furniture will prevent this from happening. Another top tip is to always lift furniture, never, ever pull it around your wood flooring.

3.  Take Off Your Shoes
Again, another maternal nag, but removing shoes at the door will lessen the quantity of nasty grit and dirt and stop high heels from doing nasty harm to your flooring. High heels are the downfall of wood flooring. Their small, sharp shape, combined with the high pressure they exert is the ideal tool to cause dents and harm your wood flooring.

4.  Pedicure Your Dog
If you have house pets, make sure you cut their claws frequently. Dog and cat talons are often overlooked when it comes to wood floor maintenance, but they can cause bad scratches on your floor’s surface.

5.  Wipe Up Spills, Fast!
It is really pivotal that you avoid prolonged contact with liquids. Wood flooring is very easily harmed by wetness and therefore it is pivotal that you are careful with things including potted plants and animal’s water bowls to avoid this. If you do spill liquid on wood flooring, ensure you clean it up as quickly as possible. The top way to do this is using a slightly damp cloth.

In terms of cleaning your floor, there are a number of measures you can take to make sure your wood flooring recieves the treatment it needs. Ensure you vacuum or sweep frequently to prevent grit building up and ensure that, when you mop, you just use a slightly wet mop and as little water as possible. If you want to give your wood flooring some star treatment, there are many special polishes around that will help care for it and keep it looking good.


Specialist flooring groups including Floormaker.co.uk can give you loads of brilliant info about how to look after your wood flooring. Take a look at their site today to discover wood flooring maintenence accessories not to mention gorgeous real wood flooring and synthetic flooring choices.