Antibacterial cleaning supplies ? Use or not to use

Concern for family’s health is quite natural, especially when it comes to surface cleaning. Perhaps, this is the reason why antibacterial surface cleaners have overtaken the market. Mostly, people believe that using antibacterial cleaner will keep their house hygienic and prevent the growth of any undesired creature. Still the question remains as it is that whether to use such cleaning supplies or not in your home or not.

If related studies are to be believed, soap or detergent (used in day to day life) with water is enough to wipe off signs of dirt, bacteria, funguses and viruses. It is very similar to the fact that if hand is washed properly you don’t actually need an antibacterial cleaner for thorough cleaning of hands. Moreover, cleaning the surface regularly, will keep off harmful microscopic organisms.

On the other hand, if you are using antibacterial cleaners, you have to leave it on the surface for few minutes for effective cleaning before it is wiped off. Now, everyone is not patient enough to wait until the time antibacterial cleaners works. Moreover, these agents are often not capable enough to kill the viruses that cause several common diseases.

Considering another aspect, not all bacteria are harmful. In fact, there are some which are beneficial for us. Many experts have a view or better say a concern that if entire bacteria are removed then a natural balance of bacteria in human body may get disturbed. On the similar front, experts also fear that consistent and widespread use or misuse of antibacterial cleaners could be the primary cause of development of antibiotic resistant strains in bacteria. However, in spite of so many studies, no solid evidence has been obtained to prove whether antibacterial cleaning supplies are to be blamed for this.

Besides all these ifs and buts, these cleaners do have noticeable benefits. These cleaners not only remove minute organisms, but also keep them off for a specific period of time. This is beneficial for those who is already suffering from illness or have weak immune system.

Although, handling food items properly and following ideal technique of washing hands with soap or detergent will keep you away from health troubles, still if you wish you can use antibacterial cleaning supplies without worrying that they will lead to bacteria having resistance to the agents. Before you start using them, proper instructions must be read and followed to utilize their properties to the utmost.

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