GRP Flooring

Specialist GRP Flooring made to your bespoke requirements

Glass reinforced plastic flooring, walkways, handrails and drainage covers can be produced to customer requirements by a manufacturer who specialises in fibreglass products. They are a leading supplier of GRP Flooring and can provide bespoke flooring options for a wide range of clients. Used in a variety of industries, the popularity of GRP Flooring is on the increase thanks to the numerous benefits of this type of material. Customers are finding they can fit the GRP Flooring into a host of settings and it provides an ideal anti-slip solution. Updating flooring in the future?  See what GRP Flooring has to offer.

Why choose GRP Flooring over other types?

There are a number of benefits to choosing GRP Flooring apart from its fabulous non-slip properties. Flooring made from glass reinforced plastic doesn’t corrode so it’ll last for ages. Compare it over a period of time to metal types of flooring and you’ll find the metal version starts to rust. With GRP Flooring there’s no maintenance involved, you don’t have to keep painting it. It’s strong yet it’s lightweight at the same time so this makes it easier to install. Thanks to its non-conductive properties the GRP Flooring is safe to install in all kinds of industrial areas. Fit GRP Flooring and you have a solid base that proves to be cost-effective and highly durable over a large period of time.

Pick GRP Flooring for your process plant

It’ll prove to be a shrewd move. Save money and ensure your workers can walk on a safe surface once the GRP Flooring has been installed. Unique sections of glass reinforced plastic flooring can be fitted in any area that you like. Order bespoke sections and they can be delivered to site where you’ll find they are extremely easy to fit. Old and rather worn flooring can be replaced using GRP Flooring from now on. It’s perfect to fit on slippery sections of stairs and will enhance grip levels straight away once it has been fitted. Need gangways or platforms, walkways or landing covers?  Make enquiries about GRP Flooring and see how versatile glass reinforced plastic can be. are specialist manufacturers of GRP Flooring . We provide a bespoke GRP service to suit all requirements; visit our site for more information.