Ceramic Tile – A Versatile Material

When contemplating a new floor, you have an overwhelming amount of choices. Ceramic tile is only one of those options, but there are several qualities that set tile apart from the other flooring choices. Tile is especially adaptable and can be used in a variety of settings including kitchens, bathrooms, dining and living rooms. No matter the finish you’re after, there is a style to suit every taste.

Ceramic tile remains one of the most cost effective flooring materials available today. While the initial installation costs may be slightly higher, when investing in a new floor, it becomes quite clear that longevity is an essential aspect of the decision. Ceramic tile also requires limited upkeep, increasing its value even more. Its ability to resist wear makes it possible to use it in the highest traffic areas of the home. Resisting wear is ceramic’s strong point, not resisting impact. When tiles do break, repair is far simpler than with hardwood or plank flooring. Simply clear the area of broken pieces, reinstall a replacement, and re-grout the area.

Its adaptability and style is another draw. Your creativity is your only limitation. You need not limit your use of tile to flooring. Fireplace hearths, back splashes, porticos, countertops and outdoor applications are a few different examples of other places ceramic tile can be used. The variety of textures, finishes, colors and sizes makes tile one of the most versatile materials. From smooth to ridged, matte or shiny, any color you can imagine and sizes ranging from 6″ x 6″ to 24″ x 24″ and everything in between, you could use tile for your whole house and not see a repeat! Once you choose your favorite variety of tile and the pattern you wish to create, if any, the installation process is easy to complete. Basically, you prep the area, gauge the space, install the tile, and grout the finished project.

When making home improvements or designing your home from the start, capital improvement is always something to keep in mind. Usually, adding a tile floor to your home will increase the future resale value significantly. Potential buyers will surely notice the presence of a well installed and designed ceramic tile floor. With its attractive style, durability and impressive presentation, a well done tile floor could potentially add thousands of dollars in value to your home. While the home is yours, you will certainly not regret the decision to install ceramic tile floor.

Bruce Mendes has been in the high end trade for over 15 years. His experience is in flooring and cabinetry. He has a high end tile and glass showroom in Powell, Ohio and an online presence at My Tile Backsplash