Polished concrete flooring an alternative for floor compliments !

Polished concrete is concrete surface which has been polished using various tools and chemicals resulting in a mirror like shine surface with the appearance of polished stones. Polished concrete makes the floor look breathtaking and makes the entire look and feel of the interiors and exteriors spacious and brightly illuminated. They are being largely used in institutions, industries, stores, offices and homes mainly due to their high visual appeal and other benefits.

Polished decorative concrete floors are very popular globally because of low maintenance and cost effectiveness. It does not need any chemical treatments on daily basis to preserve its high gloss and neither do you need to clean and wax on daily basis to maintain its sheen. Stains are very easily removed and they are replaced only in cases of extensive damage. Thus highly cost effective.

Amongst the endless variety of polished concrete flooring the most common one is designer epoxy terrazzo flooring seen mostly in high end commercial complexes, boutique eateries, foyers, warehouses, and reception areas.

Here are some common sorts of polished concrete floorings, which find uses in various places:

Retro Plate

A process that transforms new and old concrete floors into sturdy, strong, beautiful, durable surfaces is known as Retro Plate System. It works wonderfully with bare concrete, stained concrete, integral color, dry shake hardener and cement terrazzo. It is simply a combination of grinding and polishing. These are highly applicable in Industrial, Retail or Commercial concrete flooring. It is all the more popular because it does away with ongoing costs of coatings and floor cover failures. With polished concrete finishes becoming highly popular in Australia, the Retro Plate system has been widely used in numerous projects.

Coloured concrete floors

Boral Color is a specific colored concrete with ample number of textures, lines and patterns to choose from and this automatically makes up for decorative and impressive concrete flooring, which enhances a maximum impact visually. Boral stone long lasting polished concrete adds a touch of elegance to specific areas of flooring. Another type of colored concrete floors is Luminesque Glowing concrete. It is a very premium decorative concrete that has a unique feature of glowing in the dark (embedded aggregate).

DIY Concrete Polishing :

Do it yourself concrete polishing is an adopted practice in Australia because concrete polishing is a tedious and time consuming task. The first step is to cut the floor with coarse diamonds until all the high spots are removed to produce a flat floor. The general rule is to double the diamond grit size under the concrete grinder for each pass. Needless to add, that it takes many grinding passes to finish a polished floor. One of the essential steps is to harden the surface and fill holes. Let it be understood that truly polished floors will retain the sheen and gloss with minimal maintenance because coatings gradually scratch with every wear and become less shiny.

Polished concrete flooring or concrete resurfacing, makes the room appear brighter by reflecting natural sunlight. All in all, it makes your interiors looks sophisticated and classy making everyone who visits you, gape in astonishment at the beauty of your flooring. Truly, this is an alternative, which is worth considering.