Maid of Honor – Why is She Significant?

Generally, the maid of honor was chosen because she is one of the most closest friend of the bride. However, being a maid honor is not always easy because you there are several responsibilities you need to consider to help the wedding successful. The role of the maid of honor in the wedding depends largely on how much responsibility she is willing to embrace, as well as how much responsibility the bride will give. Her most basic role aside from participating in the wedding entourage is being the most supportive attendant of the bride during the wedding preparation. Although she need to do other things such as hosting the bridal shower and helping with the bridesmaids’ dresses, she is also just there for the bride as a friend and confidant who’s willing to help the bride as much as she can. Perhaps this is the most meaning help she can provide to the bride as planning and preparing and the actual wedding itself can be very stressful and emotional for her.

Planning a bridal shower for the bride-to-be is another responsibility of the maid of honor. And since she’s very close to the bride, it simply means she can be and ideal host of the event. It is the maid of honor will plan the shower party, from deciding on the theme to guiding the guests. Although she may ask for somebody’s help, but either way she’ll be the one who has the direct control over on the party.

The maid of honor is basically the right hand of the bride-to-be when choosing dresses for the wedding. Typically, she will choose her own dress, and once the color and style for dress has been decided, the maid of honor will then work closely with the bride to choose matching dresses for bridesmaids. The maid of honor is also the who will assist the bride in choosing her own wedding gown. While there might be other friends and relatives who shop with the bride, it is her opinion that is most likely valued by the bride.

On the wedding day, the maid of honor will be as busy as the bride. Aside from helping the bride all throughout the wedding process, her most important responsibility take place on the actual wedding day. Indeed, the maid of honor is very significant. Significant not only in the sense that she has responsibilities to make the wedding successful, but also she is very dear to the bride’s heart.

Traditionally, maid of honors are given wedding gifts different from bridesmaids. Giving gift to the maid of honor simply means thanking her for a job well done. Gifts for maid of honors can be anything, from jewelry gifts to handbags. Today, there are so many excellent gifts for maid of honors available online. You can find engraved bracelets and pendants, embroidered handbags, personalized shirts and robes, engraved jewelry boxes and so many others. These all can make a perfect gift for your maid of honor. Just make sure you pick the gift accordingly.

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