Will the Launch of Google+ Be Useful for Your Business?

Google has tried two times in the past to compete with
social networking sites by launching two initiatives in the social media world:
Google Wave and Google Buzz.Unfortunately for them, both of these ventures have
ended up in failure.However, they have tried again with the recent launch of
the Google+ (pronounced Google Plus) service.This time, demand seemed to be far
greater.In fact, according to Googles Vice President of Engineering, Vic
Gundotra, there has been insane demand for the service, which has forced Google
to temporarily suspend new registrations while they were updating their systems
to be able to better handle the extra load. But will this service really be
useful for your business? If you have an Internet Marketing Agency, should you
recommend that your clients establish a presence on Google+? We all know that
social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook have been very useful
for business owners in the past few years.If you are already present on social
networks, it is never a bad idea to join new social media sites and build your
business presence on them.It is free to join and will take you at most a few
hours to get everything set up. But does the Google+ social media site actually
have potential? Will it really get off the ground or end up being just a flash
in the pan like Googles two previous social media experiments were? Opinions
are varied on this topic.According to one CEO of a Digital Marketing Agency,
there is always room for one more major player in the world of social
networking.But some other industry experts disagree and believe that Google
does not offer anything new with their service and is simply trying to force it
down the users throats.While the site offers some interesting collaboration
tools, unique contact management capabilities as well as video and text chat,
none of these features are truly revolutionary and can be found on many other
services.Still, it is too early to say whether Google+ will experience any real
success.But as a business owner, it costs you nothing at all to join the site,
so you may as well do so in order to be among the first businesses present on
the site. Another thing to remember is that while Google may be struggling in
the social media world, they are still the champion of search engines.As such,
it is important not to neglect SEO and take the right action to make sure your
site can easily be found, whether or not you participate in social media.There
are also local SEO specialists which help local businesses with their SEO needs.So
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