Luxury Design House and Pet

Would you ever consider choosing a pearl or silver necklace for your pet? What about the pet clothes with hefty price tag? Absurd may this seemed to the ordinary people, but it is never so to many pet owners. It is amazing that the growth in the pet industry has gone through the roof. Take US as an example; Americans spent nearly $38 billion last year on pet products and services, an increase of $2 billion over the amount in 2005. In UK spending on pets increased 30% from 2000 to 2006. And the sizable spending on pets is not peculiar to North America and Europe. In Japan, skyrocket pet ownership saw $8.6 billion spent in 2005. China Taiwan residents spend nearly $600 million a year on their pets.

One may wonder why this was happening. The answer is obvious. In US, the baby-boomers are facing “empty nest” syndrome; in other places, the only-child fells lonely and need companies; many DINK turn their pampering affections to their pets. Thus they spared no effort and expense to keep their animals healthy, happy and comfortable. For some people, it is extravagant to spend so much on pets, but for others it is money worth. After all, pets are family members, too.

Seeing such profitable pet industry, no wander these luxury design houses like ChanelBusiness Management Articles, Gucci and LV are outsourcing to pet accessory.