Defining a Handyman


Defining a handyman is not a simple task. The best way to describe such
a person is that he is capable of performing a wide selection of odd
jobs and basic tasks around a home. These can be indoor jobs or outdoor
jobs. Not all handymen are trained in the same areas and have the same
skills however. When looking to hire such a person you need to find out
what his area of specialty is before you hire him for the job(s) that
you need completed around your home.

All handymen cannot do any and all jobs that you need done in your
residence. One individual who works in this capacity may have one type
of background while another person may have another. This occupation
varies tremendously which makes it flexible and versatile to those
looking for a handyman to lend them a helping hand with house repairs.

To use an example, some handy people may have a trade background and
the main skills they possess include carpentry and construction. You
may have others that are trained and skilled as plumbers or
electricians. Yet still there may be other people who are professional
roofers, appliance repair workers or tile installers. It is important
to know that a handyman cannot do every job and that there are
subcategories to consider when you go about the process of hiring one.

A handyman is a person who generally does odd jobs in his community or
town to make extra money when he is not employed at his full-time job
in the trade of his choosing. Many of these handy people do not need to
advertise because they find work opportunities by way of referrals and
their present customers. Word of mouth can count for a tremendous
amount for the average handyman. The better he is at what he does the
more referrals he will receive.

Some handymen are professionals who do this work for a living while
others (as previously mentioned) do it part-time to help fill in the
gaps when money is tight for them. A professional person will be more
expensive to hire because he (or she, as there are women handy people
as well) will have a wider array of experience and also more years of
work experience. On the other side of the coin a person who does this
kind of thing on a part-time basis is likely to charge less and have a
narrower range of abilities. However the work the part-time person does
may be every bit as good as the work accomplished by the pro. Most
handymen charge the work they do by the hour not the task and will set
about completing the work as fast as they possibly can.

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