Handyman – Use Free Resources to Find One Near You


If you are looking for a good handyman, it may be time to start
considering your resources before you commit to one. There are plenty of
ways to find a good one near you. Learn the free resources that are at
your fingertips before you start your search for someone to fix up your

Since handymen usually perform many types of jobs, it is likely that you
have friends and family members who have used one recently. If you have
heard them mention upgrades they have made to their homes, ask them if
they used a handyman to help them out. Since they can usually provide a
range of services, it is appropriate to ask who was used no matter how
small or large the upgrade was. This may lead you in the direction of a
good professional for the job at hand.

Another resource to use is the phone book since you can easily flip to a
page that lists handymen in your area. Some professionals take out full
page ads with information about their services, as well as discounts
for new customers. Others just list their contact information. Either
way, you can get a good idea of how many are in your area so that you
know how many you have to choose from. You can create a list of people
to call, and should ask each one about their services, prices, and

If you get coupons sent to your house regularly, you should keep an eye
out for those offering the help of a handyman. You will not only be able
to get a sense of the professionals in your area, but you can also save
money by collecting coupons. Some may offer a small service for free as
a way to get you interested in their company, or they might just
provide a percentage off their prices for any services. Either way,
coupons can definitely be useful to those looking for a handyman.

You can use these free resources to create a list of companies to call.
The list will likely become shorter as you find out service offerings
and prices, and also as you get a general sense of the attitude of each
handyman that you contact. As long as you feel comfortable with the
attitude, services, availability, and prices of the company, you should
take the next step of obtaining a quote for your project.

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