Hiring A Handyman – How Much Does It Cost?


When things break, you have got two options. One option is to tackle the job yourself and test your home improvement skills. You might just be able to fix it yourself and it could be a learning experience. But, it also could result in things being more broken than they were to begin with! The other option is to hire a handyman service. These services exist for those of us who would rather shell out a few bucks and get it done right the first time than risk serious injury to ourselves and our homes. But how much does it cost? Let’s take a look at some ballpark numbers.Lump Sum Or HourlyA handyman will charge either a lump sum for the entire job, or an hourly rate. The lump sum will depend quite a bit on what kind of job they are doing. Of course, a bigger job is going to take longer, and the price will reflect that. Usually, you will end up paying about the same amount either way.Hourly rates vary. Some companies charge a lot for the first hour, and a reduced amount for each additional hour. For example, they may charge you $100 for the first hour, and $15 for each additional. This is not an unreasonable rate. Others will charge you a flat hourly rate. By deciding yourself how long you think the job will take, you can figure out which is a better deal.Company Vs. Independent ContractorCharges will also depend on whether you choose an independent contractor or a company. While an independent handyman will charge anywhere from $40 to $70 an hour, a company will charge more like $50 to $125. They might also have a minimum charge for the job. This means that if the job only takes an hour, they will still charge you the minimum, which could be well over $100.As far as cost goes, hiring an independent contractor is the way to go, right? This is true if you are only thinking about the money. But, hiring a company has a lot of advantages over hiring an independent. It used to be that every neighborhood had a local handyperson who fixed everything and kept the houses in overall good maintenance. In recent years, companies that offer these services have been on the rise.Your local neighborhood handy man often worked without a contract, and fees and terms were mutually agreed upon. However, working with strangers is different. The reason why companies are on the rise is that people are less likely to hire an individual to do their work. Unfortunately, everybody knows the story of a friend or acquaintance who has hired an independent contractor and gotten less-than quality work from them. Companies are legitimate and insured, and if something goes wrong, you have got some kind of recourse. The extra money you pay to hire a company goes toward ensuring that the work is good and their business is legitimate.Other CostsThere may be other costs involved. If they have to go to the store and buy materials, they may charge you for this. When you hire them, check to see what kinds of extra charges there may be. There will not be any surprises as long as you discuss everything with them up front.Whether you decide to hire an independent contractor or a company, you will likely find rates to be reasonable. It may cost quite a bit up front, but it is well worth it to have your house in good working order.

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