What to Look for when Hiring a Handyman for Your Home


Not everyone is capable of doing every job that comes up around their
home. Some individuals do not have the knowledge while others may not
have the time or the interest to do the work. These are the times when
you need to call in a handyman to help you out. It is essential that you
find a person whom you are comfortable with and one who knows his
business. You also need to find someone who is trustworthy and someone
you can communicate with about your needs. Here we look at some other
things that are essential in your search for the right handyman.

You need to find an individual who is bonded as well as insured. If you
hire a person who is neither of these things then you open the door to
complete calamity if an accident should arise. You as the homeowner will
be held both financially as well as legally responsible if an accident
of any kind takes place on your property while the handyperson is doing
his work. Hiring a bonded and insured person allows you the opportunity
for repair cost reimbursement or replacement costs if the workman causes
any damage to your house or its contents during the course of his work.

Receiving a guaranty and/or warranty from a handyman is a top priority.
Do not hire someone who is not able to guarantee his work. After all you
expect the work to be done correctly the first time around and so it
should be. Having a guaranty means that you will be protected from
having to purchase the exact same service a second time. As well you
should receive a guarantee on the parts that the worker uses as the
manufacturer’s warranty should be passed onto you, the customer.

Whether you choose to hire a handyperson who works for a licensed
company, a franchise or is self-employed is up to you. What you should
do however is to only hire a person who is well known in the community
you live in and has a good solid reputation. You might want to check the
individual out with the Better Business Bureau before you hire them.
You should also ask the handyman for references that you can check out
before you decide to hire him. If the person does not want to give you
any references then you should be a little suspicious as the person
likely has something to hide. Pass on this one and keep looking! If the
person can provide names and numbers of satisfied clients then make sure
that you do indeed phone them up and find out whether the customer
found the handyman’s service to be positive or not.

If the individual has their own website then go online and take a look
for yourself. Look to see how professionally done the website is. You
also want to look for information about the handyperson’s work
experience as well as certifications and any memberships he may be a
part of. All of these things should factor into your final decision of
whether this work person is a good fit for you and the jobs you need
done or not.



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