Microsoft has extensive experience in working with the depot

China Telematics area is experiencing growing pains and development dilemma. Not optimistic about the industry once consumers have great expectations of the service fee revenue model, installed from the existing guards. Ago Telematics owners use and renewal of the user situation, the recognition rate of the Chinese car owners pay an annual service charge mode is not high. After the first wave of Chinese Telematics renewal owners the ability to pay and renewal intention to lower the population, the cautious outlook based on the status of major vehicle manufacturers in the layout of Telematics more careful to limit the excessive investment in car networking . Telematics missing the most important driving force for development in China.

When the profit model has not been established, Telematics to become a major cost, Ford told the industry: Sync to help OEMs to enhance the prices of the 4100 US dollars, in order to increase revenue. This T play enough to allow the industry to find a new benchmark.

At the same time, Toyota is also actively support the process of car phone to support Mirrorlink and iPhone connectivity, and then hand in hand with Microsoft, Intel; Guangzhou Automobile and China Mobile jointly published by the Wyatt line 100 to create Chi Hui Chuanqi; SAIC Roewe 350inkaNet launch the voice control iVoka new version …

TSP the situation is delicate, and push the new adjusted price action frequently

With free Telematics services such as the car launched by Changan Automobile and other local depot, TSP manufacturers will face more competition in the domestic, the situation is minimal.

China already has over 500,000 users of OnStar OnStar mobile application was officially launched in July 2011 announced. All vehicles equipped with OnStar vehicle systems in China, you can use the smart phone of car control. Shanghai OnStar also officially launched three new packages, and the original two packages automatically upgraded to provide users with more Hands-Free call minutes.

OnStar renewal rate in China has been not to disclose, but the official said Shanghai GM OnStar is more optimistic, the fact that the OnStar fee is not too close to The OnStar service charge is subdivided, made into a different service package, so users have more option. So in the end can not attract the attention of more users  OnStar renewal rate to make a contribution  The actual effect to be considered.

Shanghai Auto Show on April 19, 2011, China Mobile and Guangzhou Automobile Group, jointly issued a new car terminal operations, “Wyatt line 100, the first in the country to carry out independent innovation brand of China Mobile 2/3G dominant communications network and Guangzhou Automobile Group . Intelligent Vehicle Information Service jointly mercedes benz dvd player launched by China Mobile and Guangzhou Automobile Group, in addition to safe driving can help enhance driving convenience to help low-carbon travel, but also allows owners to access the equipment of the car mobile Internet, to achieve the car move at any time interconnection.

December 7 2011, BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd and BMW (China) Automotive Trading Co., Ltd. and China Unicom in Shanghai held a press conference announced that the BMW interconnected motorists (BMWConnectedDrive,) in cooperation with China to promote business. , China Unicom, with its powerful comprehensive strength in GSM2G, WCDMA3G network, call center services and in-car information services and other aspects of the cooperation agreement signed by both partiesScience Articles,