Play Blackjack Online or Offline?


But nowadays more people play card games online, and online casinos conquer their popularity in greater scale. Besides it, the capacity and revenues of online casinos are close to those of offline gambling, which can benefit also from casino hotels and resorts.This discussion can last for years, but even today statistics say, that more gamblers play blackjack online than offline. Online casinos provide a unique feeling of security. Here you can play anonymously, with no one knowing your real name. It is especially valuable for online casino newbies, who are afraid of showing their low skills of gambling. On the Internet you can get rid of unnecessary attention and no one tries to judge you. For me this is the major advantage of online gambling, where I play card games online easily and with no psychological tension.Another advantage of online casino is that everyone can play not for money, but for fun.Those people, who are afraid of losing money or they are addicted to gambling and can’t trace their playing records, choose to play blackjack online for free to keep astray from problem gambling.  Some people can provide a forcible argument, that playing online casino means to litter up your PC with risky files while downloading online casino software. But I can counterweigh this argument with another one: playing online you can choose, for example, no download slots and use this instant mode to enjoy safe play. No download games – slots, poker, roulette, blackjack and other games – are not only convenient, but also offer better odds and higher payouts. It’s no wonder why no download slots offer higher jackpots, than real land-based slot machines – online casinos spare money for usual costs of running the casino, paying for leasing and equipment, staff and services. Thus, I can see no evidence of real casino being more preferable than the online one. Just try yourself and you will be convinced.



Kent Brockman is a writer that makes casino reviews and “how-to” articles about how to play card games online. He has a significant experience in online gambling and likes to play blackjack online.