Variety of Bingo Jackpots Splash More Colour on Bingo


There is no denying the fact that bingo has made its permanent abode in the hearts of the online games lovers of the country. With it being declared one of the most popular leisure activities for all generations, its position has been further consolidated. Chances of it being dislodged from its position anytime in the near future seem remote. While many factors like the variety offered the sign up bonus and other bingo bonuses etc contribute to this growing love for the game, it is undoubtedly the bingo jackpots which take the cake as far as luring players to the game is concerned. And why should not they be the champion crowd-pullers? Apart from offering mind-boggling amounts of cash for players to take home, they keep things lively by sprucing the game here and there and by introducing a little variety to online bingo games.Different games offer different bingo jackpots. Ranging from the original Fixed Jackpots to the very popular Progressive Jackpots (PJPs) to Community Jackpots offered in 75, 80 and 90 Ball Bingo games, bingo jackpots today are varied. They are also one of a kind and are to be found for each type of game. The instant games are not lagging behind in this respect either, offering a range of very lucrative and very interesting slot jackpots. Times in the world of bingo jackpots are at their very best, at the moment. As the name suggests, the prize to be won in a Fixed Jackpot is decided in advance and remains the same. As soon as any player matches the conditions attached to the jackpot, the winning amount goes to the winners account. More than one player is eligible for it. On the other hand, the PJPs are jackpots that have the potential to grow enormous. Although they too start with a fixed amount, they increase every midnight with the stakes of the previous day. Many websites are known for offering PJPs that go up to a million pounds!The other type of bingo jackpots that is alluring more and more players to the sites offering them are the Community Jackpots. This type of jackpot hits the home run with all kinds of players as this benefits all. This is because in Community Jackpot, not only does the Full House winner enjoy the loot, every other player who had staked in the jackpot winning game wins their share! Definitely a win-win situation for all. Like bingo sites are not satisfied with providing only bingo games and have ventured to slot games, likewise, they are not just satisfied with providing bingo jackpots. The slot games in these sites have very attractive jackpots on offer too! Instant games, which are known for the spicing up things at bingo sites by offering something extra, achieve much the same result in the jackpots department too. With so much going on, the world of bingo jackpots is at a never before high now!

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