Small Business Debt Solutions – How to Settle Your Small Business Credit Card Debt

The Debt solution for the individual customers and small business is the biggest challenge after recession.

Small business and individuals customers are facing tough time today.

customers and small businessman are not able to make regular payments
like salaries, payment to creditors, suppliers etc. The entire
operation of a small time business man today is standing still due to
the financial crisis. They are looking forward for relief services as
much as any financial institution in distress.

customers and small business owners should start planning the budget
more accurately. Based on the budget one should plan the debt payment.
Usage of credit card and other such products should be avoided.

customer should talk to their creditors and ask them to forgive a
portion of the debt and they would make the payment for the rest.

filing for bankruptcy or to evade harassment at the hands of the
creditors the customer should talk to a debt settlement company and get
his debt settled at the earliest. The rules of settlement for unsecured
debts are the same in case of small business debts and personal
unsecured debts. In a business venture if the unsecured debts are $
10,000 or more the business owner can as much look for debt
consolidation services as an individual. Debt Settlement Company helps
small business owners to eliminate 55 % or more of their unsecured

In case of unsecured debts as there is no collateral
attached to it. In case of non payment there is no fixed asset which
the financial institution can claim and sell to reclaim their money.
Financial institutions tend to regain their money in the first few
months of lending at a very high interest rate.Business owners should
look for good debt settlement companies through the debt settlement

Therefore selection of good settlement company must be
after proper research and reference check. It can result in drastic
reduction of debt for the customers.

you want to get out of debt and hire a debt settlement company for debt
negotiation then I have an important piece of advice. Do not go
directly to a particular debt settlement company but rather first go to
a debt relief network who is affiliated with several legitimate debt
companies. In order to be in the debt relief networkFree Articles, the debt
settlement companies must prove a track record of successfully
negotiating and eliminating debt. This way you can be assured that you
will find a legitimate debt settlement company.

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Microsoft has extensive experience in working with the depot

China Telematics area is experiencing growing pains and development dilemma. Not optimistic about the industry once consumers have great expectations of the service fee revenue model, installed from the existing guards. Ago Telematics owners use and renewal of the user situation, the recognition rate of the Chinese car owners pay an annual service charge mode is not high. After the first wave of Chinese Telematics renewal owners the ability to pay and renewal intention to lower the population, the cautious outlook based on the status of major vehicle manufacturers in the layout of Telematics more careful to limit the excessive investment in car networking . Telematics missing the most important driving force for development in China.

When the profit model has not been established, Telematics to become a major cost, Ford told the industry: Sync to help OEMs to enhance the prices of the 4100 US dollars, in order to increase revenue. This T play enough to allow the industry to find a new benchmark.

At the same time, Toyota is also actively support the process of car phone to support Mirrorlink and iPhone connectivity, and then hand in hand with Microsoft, Intel; Guangzhou Automobile and China Mobile jointly published by the Wyatt line 100 to create Chi Hui Chuanqi; SAIC Roewe 350inkaNet launch the voice control iVoka new version …

TSP the situation is delicate, and push the new adjusted price action frequently

With free Telematics services such as the car launched by Changan Automobile and other local depot, TSP manufacturers will face more competition in the domestic, the situation is minimal.

China already has over 500,000 users of OnStar OnStar mobile application was officially launched in July 2011 announced. All vehicles equipped with OnStar vehicle systems in China, you can use the smart phone of car control. Shanghai OnStar also officially launched three new packages, and the original two packages automatically upgraded to provide users with more Hands-Free call minutes.

OnStar renewal rate in China has been not to disclose, but the official said Shanghai GM OnStar is more optimistic, the fact that the OnStar fee is not too close to The OnStar service charge is subdivided, made into a different service package, so users have more option. So in the end can not attract the attention of more users  OnStar renewal rate to make a contribution  The actual effect to be considered.

Shanghai Auto Show on April 19, 2011, China Mobile and Guangzhou Automobile Group, jointly issued a new car terminal operations, “Wyatt line 100, the first in the country to carry out independent innovation brand of China Mobile 2/3G dominant communications network and Guangzhou Automobile Group . Intelligent Vehicle Information Service jointly mercedes benz dvd player launched by China Mobile and Guangzhou Automobile Group, in addition to safe driving can help enhance driving convenience to help low-carbon travel, but also allows owners to access the equipment of the car mobile Internet, to achieve the car move at any time interconnection.

December 7 2011, BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd and BMW (China) Automotive Trading Co., Ltd. and China Unicom in Shanghai held a press conference announced that the BMW interconnected motorists (BMWConnectedDrive,) in cooperation with China to promote business. , China Unicom, with its powerful comprehensive strength in GSM2G, WCDMA3G network, call center services and in-car information services and other aspects of the cooperation agreement signed by both partiesScience Articles,

Construction: Sustainability and Building Design


As the awareness creeping in about how we damage the Earth by irresponsible and unsustainable practices building designs too are changing.  The impact has come about from considerable environmental damage and depletion of natural resources. The building construction cannot take place in isolation are large number of factors have to be taken into consideration.  This makes use of natural elements to a bare minimum level, finding eco-friendly alternatives and using them wisely. This also means efficiency in construction. A careful planning and team efforts are required since the outcomes of decision implement design should succeed in the right manner.  Hence the right planning is crucial this also takes into the scope maintenance and future renovations.       During the construction process, on site pollution and effluents have to be kept in check. Materials like cold formed steel are environmental friendly. Apart from light weight the steel is longer lasting and fire resistant. The sections are built in a control manner without much wastage. The efficiency of construction increases by using prefabricated elements. In this type of building process time and energy are saved.  Moreover CFS is a recyclable material that helps in reduction of demand for virgin materials.  Saving energy means less use of electricity and fossil fuel consumption. The situation should deliver maximum daylight in order to save on generated energy. The implementation of solar energy generation technology results in green building construction. For foundations concrete has become a preferred green material. The VOC emission is low, besides the material management is less wasteful. A solid insulated foundation is provided by concrete mixture to the green building. Additions of residues like fly ash and left over coal residue makes it more environmentally friendly. Concrete blocks can be prefabricated in the factory leading to efficiency in manufacture and better quality control. These are then transported to the site of construction and installed.           Steel framing is becoming much used framing material due to its many benefits. Cole formed steel tops the list as it is more advantageous and eco friendly. This type of material offers faster installation in case of walls, floor and ceiling. In colder environs, creating effective heat barriers results in saving on energy this means that a well insulated home will consume less energy in temperature control.   The right approach to building construction has become the order of the day. With the threat of global warming increasing say by day it has become imperative to prevent green house gases like co2 to reach the atmosphere.  



Uday writes often in steel builders in India hence the article. He also writes on general contractors in Queens New York. Uday write frequently on building construction and renovation. 

Starting a Business – 10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Fail to Thrive

Kathy, a skilled massage therapist, called me to discuss what she needed to know to start her own massage therapy clinic. She had been in the industry for over ten years, and was very skilled at working with her clients.

She worked for another clinic and felt she was ready to start a business of her own. However, like many want-to-be entrepreneurs, she possessed the technical skillsmassage therapybut possessed little business management experience, and no self-employment experience.

For many want-to-be entrepreneurs, discovering why businesses fail is a smart research project. It helps to uncover personal weaknesses, as well as begin to build up inherent strengths before investing in becoming self-employed.

It also helps them better understand the dynamics of the industry they will be competing. For example, if competition is intense because of a large number of massage therapists in a geographic area, we can expect that there will be less market share per clinic, downward price pressure, and lower profit potential; this makes for difficult going, especially in the start-up phase of the business.

Following are 10 reasons why small businesses fail to thrive. If you have an existing business, it might help to determine why your business is not growing.

1. Mistaking a business for a hobby. Just because you love something does not mean you can successfully convert it into a business. Too often we feel others share our passion, and we bank starting a new business on it. Research your business idea and make sure it is viable.

2. Poor planning. Yes, you must have a business plan. It can be a 3-page plan for the simplest of businesses or a 40+-page plan for a more complex business opportunity. The point is you are prepared to focus on your business’ goals and vision, and you have a good idea of what you need to do to put your plan into action. By going through a business planning exercise, you also may have unearthed what problems may arise, and how you are going to handle them, if they do. In addition, financially can you launch the business? It takes a lot of time to build a business; 60% of business start-ups fail within six months after opening. Lack of cash flow and undercapitalization is the culprit.

3. Entrepreneurial excitement. Entrepreneurs often get excited about new ideas, but are unable to determine if they have a “true opportunity”. Part of an effective business strategy (here is the business plan, again) is determining which markets you will and will not serve, as well as what products you will or will not offer. Before deciding to undertake a new business activity ask yourself, “Do I have the time and skill to implement this?”

4. Risking everything on one endeavor. Too often, small business owners will have just one product, one service, or one big client. However, what if this one thing disappears? Diversification will allow you to ride the flow of ebbs and tides in business.

5. Poor record keeping and financial controls. You must review your revenue and expense records each month, and understand what they mean! Accounting is the language of business. If you do not know how to speak it, get help from someone who does.

6. Poor cash management. A good rule of thumb is that you can live for one to two years without income when getting started because new businesses are usually slow to get off the ground. If you have created a business plan with a realistic budget, you will already have determined what I have just written!

If your plan shows you earning a high income in the first six months, it may be a good idea to go back and review your budgets.

7. Poor time management. Putting off tasks you do not enjoy will sink your business fast! We get into a business because we love massage therapy. However, have we thought about all the other things that go along with running a business, like bookkeeping, banking, sales, and marketing activities, talking with accountants, attorneys, dealing with customer problems, collecting receivables, and slow cash flow? Getting help with administrative tasks that eat up your time is a sure-fire way to spend time doing what you do bestdeveloping new ideas and revenue for your business.

8. Ineffective marketing. Learn the basics of marketing and track the success or failure of each technique you use. Dump ones that are not working for you in three months time.

9. Ineffective sales techniques. Once you have generated interest in a client, how are you going to convert them into a sale? Understand the basics of selling; take a class, read a book; get some professional help.

10. Entrepreneurial burnout. Owning your own business requires a huge investment of time, money, energy, and emotion. Are you ready to ride the rollercoaster of the highs and lows associated with each of these items? I can guarantee you, it will happen! Motivation and creativity can suffer in the most challenging times, and a pessimistic attitude may prevail.

Be sure to schedule time for yourself. Take time off from your business. It will help you manage the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, and give you fresh perspectives.

As Kathy and I ended our counseling session, she made a list of areas where she needed to grow, and created a task plan. With planning and an objective look at both your personal and your business’ strengths and weaknesses, you can be successful.

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Home Insurance Quotes: A Necessity


The term home insurance quote is relevant to the freshest price on which an insurer or insurance company and the potential customer have agreed upon which leads to the contract regarding a home insurance policy.As a matter of fact, the best home insurance quote offered by an insurance company may not be appropriate home insurance quotes can be determined only after conducting a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the constraints and particular requirements of the customer. Moreover, home insurance brokers and agents can help the customer to a great extent in finding out the correct home insurance quote.As a wise customer, each customer opting for the home insurance for his or her home should keep in mind some of the issues as discussed below:§    The location of the home in order to take into consideration about the local risks and the vulnerability of the surroundings which includes climatic and criminal dangers.§    Security systems installed in the home if any§    The additional objects that the customer wants to cover up with the home insurance§    Most importantly, any more home insurance policy bought through any other insurance company. In fact, the insurance of the also depends upon the cost of replacing or re-development of the house. So, one should choose the correct policy for their home insurance.In point of fact, home insurance is a time based agreement which means that the agreement holds good for a determined period of time.Home insurance quotes are easily available on the internet and one can easily avail a discount of nearly 10 to 15 per cent on the home insurance deals. In addition to this, you can also self check the details entered. However, all the hard work has to be done by the customer itself.In the end, it is advisable to all that one should always insure his or her home using home insurance as it ensures safety and security to one’s home. In fact, it is also advisable to have a reliable and secure home insurance policy.



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AC Repair for Your Home Office


Working in a home office can be a nice benefit, but it can also be a struggle if your home is not set up as much like an office as you would like. When things break at home, perhaps you do not rush to get them fixed as quickly as a business would. It is important, though, that you do the same in your home office so that you can be comfortable to be productive. In order to help guarantee this, you will want to have an AC repair company on hand that you trust.Part of having a company that you trust is knowing their reputation, their professionalism, and also their affordability. These areas are important because they will help you know more about the companies you will consider and help in your decision-making process.Reputation is essential in a company because it is basically what other people have learned from hiring a company for a service. You can talk to friends or businesses that have needed AC repair to see where they go for help. You can ask about the quality of their work as well as whether or not they were trustworthy. From here, if you need more options, you can go on the Internet to search for companies and read reviews posted by their clients.Professionalism is also a key to finding a good AC repair company. There are many ways a company can be professional. Every type of company will be different in their professionalism. A lawyer might focus a lot on how they dress, but an AC repair company would hopefully focus more on getting the job done in a timely manner. They should also be adept at communication, so that you are not left in the dark about anything. Another area of consideration for professionalism is that the employees are able to be trusted entering your home. Ask at the various companies what their policy is on background checks and hiring.The affordability of a company will also be important especially if you’re trying to save money by running your business out of your home. Do some research and compare the rates of the various companies. It is ideal to get an estimate for at least their hourly rate and number of hours the job is expected to take in writing.After taking these areas into consideration, you will have a lot of facts to help you make a very informed decision as to what will be the best AC repair company for your home office. You might feel like doing this research is a waste of time when there is no problem with you air conditioner, but at some point in the middle of the summer when it is the hottest, your air conditioner might fail, and at that time, you will be thankful that you will know who to call immediately.

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Cleaning and Maid


For anybody in the world, cleaning of home is much difficult and hassle. The vacuuming of doors, bathtubs, windows, mirrors and floors take hours. Meanwhile picking up of the toys, cloths and many other dispersed items form the ground. If you are also facing this kind of difficulty and want to save your precious time, which lost during home cleaning, then you have to hire the services of a cleaning maid. It is admitted fact that cleaning and maid are necessary parts of our life. You can find these kinds of maids in every area of the country.The services of home cleaning maid can save your time but they also can save your money as well. When you will hire the services of any cleaning maid you need not to buy all the necessary things for cleaning like cleaning supplies, vacuum. Moreover, you need not to worry about the cleaning of a glass, its mean that now you will not take care of the things during cleaning of the home because everything will be cared by the maid.The most important and first thing is that you think that why you are going to hire the cleaning and maid services? Reason is very simple that you want to save your precious time and want the help of some one who can clean your home.Now the problem comes in choosing the right service for your home cleaning. When you are out to choose the service of cleaning and maid you may keep following things in mind:the price of the cleaning servicemethod of cleaning the home (green or non-green)professionalism in the field of home cleaning See the maids are registered and licensed of not?See the list of services and equipments with the maid.If the response or result for all the above options is “no” then you, have to search for another service. However if results are “yes” then hire the service. After hiring this service just go to home, be relaxed, and enjoy your neat and clean home.Now the second important phase in cleaning and maid service for home is the work for them to do. For example, you can see a number of people who hire the service of a maid and let her to do all other unnecessary works, which are not relevant to her job. When you will give her works other then the home cleaning, then you will be unable to get better and cleaned home in a short time because she will not give full attention and time to your home cleaning due to these extra works. You know better that the work of the cleaning maid is floor-mopping, laundry, carpet vacuuming and the bed making.You can also say that the extra work from home-cleaning maids, which are not relevant to home, cleaning, can be “time stealing” strategies of the maids. If you will not ask them, they will waste all the time in that types of works instead of cleaning the home.



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Interior Design Online Course – What Is The Institute of Interior Design?


Online learning makes an education possible for just about anyone, at any stage of their life, to achieve an objective or fulfill a life long dream. People with the desire to learn are no longer bound by disabilities, geographical locations, social status or their own private history. With an education online everything starts afresh and it is never too late. There are some educational institutions that offer a course in interior design online. As the demand for interior designers continue to grow, Online Schools provide students with the option of learning interior design at home at their own convenience. Let us look at The Institute Of Interior Design. Please be aware that the writer is not recommending this course but providing information only.The Institute of Interior Design has been in operation since 1998. With facilities in the USA, the UK, Australia, India and Pakistan, the Institute offers Certificate and Diploma home study courses in interior design. The Institute is accredited by the Open and Learning Quality Council (ODLQC). This body was set up in 1968 and is one of the prime accreditation bodies for distance learning courses.The course claims to show how to become a professional interior designer. The online course provides a complete learning package full of information, tips and exercises providing a permanent reference library essential for consulting after completing the course.The course has been constructed by experienced industry experts. Interested DIY (Do It Yourself) interior designers will find this online course ideal as it offers advice of how to approach each room. The course provides insight into the world of interior design. The course covers areas of interest such as selecting the right fabrics, presentation of designs, finding customers, how much to charge and the paper work required. The aim of the course is to provide precise and helpful information about professional interior designAccreditation is an important aspect of any course. What is the point of paying for a course if it is not recognized as being of any value? This course is fully accredited by ASET providing an award equivalent to Level 4 of the National Learning Framework (post A level/HNC/HND standard). ASET is a national Awarding Body recognized by the Department of Education and Skills and by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority in Britain. It has been accrediting vocational learning for more than 50 years and now works with more than 200 providers in the UK and internationally.There is no need to have a talent for drawing as the course reveals how to produce competent drawings by hand. The course also supplies a copy of ‘Visual Home’ which is a powerful but easy-to-use computer program that quickly produces beautiful floor plans. Many students take around 18 months to gain their Diploma. It is worth remembering that because it is home study, the student studies at their own pace. They can take as long as they want as the Institute sets no time limit.The course material includes numerous self-assessment exercises plus assignments which are evaluated by an experienced tutor. The tutor is there to help and offer advice and suggestions on anything to do with interior design.How will the Diploma of Interior Design benefit the budding interior designer? The course will show the student how to set up an interior design practice. A Diploma is issued on successfully completing the course as recognition of the skills and the knowledge acquired. It will enable the successful student to use the initials Dip.ID (Inst.ID) after their name. Their name is added to the Institutes list of Approved Interior Designers with an ‘Approved Designer’ logo to add to their website. If requested, the Institute of Interior Design will also send out a press release to the local newspapers to inform the public of the new practice. Some students are a bit nervous about enrolling so it is best for the individual students to contact the Institute and inquire about their guarantees and refund policies.There are other interior design courses available online and a few credible schools are offering four year online programs. Be aware that online programs and distance learning courses in the field of interior design may not be recognized as a sufficient or credible form of education. Prospective students should question whether the interior design online program will provide the student with the credentials required to be licensed in most states and provinces or to be hired by most interior design firms. It would not hurt for serious students to investigate the graduation rates and find out where the graduates of these interior design online courses are employed.



Stephen has been writing articles for nearly 3 years.Come visit his latest website over at Interior Design Ideas. People will also find valuable information on Interior Design For Small Spaces. The secret to creating a comfortable apartment interior design is to transform the apartment into a personalized space. People will also find valuable information on Interior Design Software. You will surprised how easy CAD or computer aided design software makes the process of interior design.

Have You Created Your Business Plan?

For any aspiring entrepreneur, building a successful business plan can seem daunting. Many small businesses ask themselves: Do we really need a plan? Well, if you have a business or want to start a business, you NEED a business plan! “Winging it” never worked for any successful business. Even well-established businesses need a business plan, or need to drastically modify their business plan when the situation changes.

The first step to building your business plan is determining your goals and objectives for your business. Imagine where you want to be in a few years. Do you want to remain a small business, or are you more adventurous? Also, consider your personal goals and objectives. How much work are you willing to put into your business? Is this a business that will provide a livable income, or more of a hobby? What tasks and jobs are you willing to delegate to your employees?

Second, determine what you bring to the customer. What distinguishes your business from your competitor? You must come up with the key attributes of your business that will draw customers to you again and again. Without proper brand development and recognition, your customers will glaze over your website and you won’t have appropriate levels of business to sustain.

Third, consider your budget. How much money will you need to start up your business? Are you going to take out a business loan, or find investors? Do you want to allow investors in on your important business decisions? Also, consider what happens as your business changes and grows. How are you going to spend income? Are you going to re-invest in your business? Finally, how much income do you need to support your personal lifestyle?

When you have these essential elements, you can consider your business strategy. Basically, this is a plan of how you’re going to market, design, and operate your business. In any business plan, you will usually open with an Executive Summary and Business Description. After that, you get to the “meat” of your plan.

The third section of your business plan is your Marketing section. Consider your target audience and how large your customer base may become. Then, consider how you will reach your market (how feasible it is to actually contact your customer base). Will you use website only? Or perhaps television and paper mediums? This will help define your pricing, distribution, promotion and marketing methods. Once you have this section completed, you can see how you measure up with your competitors. You should aim to outperform and outlast your competitors, and draw their customers to your base.

The next two sections are the overall design and operations plan of your business. How will you design your business’ brand? What are your most visible attributes? Also, how many employees do you want, and how will your business flow? Will you delegate tasks or handle most of it yourself? A lot of this section is highly personal and gives you a chance to show your passion about your product or service.

Finally, you must come back to your finances and determine what is feasible for your business. Also, try to examine what your future financial goals will be as the market changes and your business grows.

With a business planPsychology Articles, you can ensure your business has a solid foundation in reality and what you can feasibly expect from your venture. This is essential to business success and will maximize your profits!

The Importance of Industrial Cleaning for Heavy Industry

Any industrial company, or even a business needs to be cleaned. Some are doing it themselves; some are hiring cleaners and other are hiring services that comes and cleans after hours. But did you ever consider making use of a green industrial cleaning service?

Do you even know what a green industrial cleaning service is? There are many things about these cleaning services that you need to know about. Things that will show that using them is so much better than any other cleaning options. These are everything you need to know about the green industrial cleaning services.

What is eco-friendly industrial cleaning?

First things first. What is eco-friendly industrial cleaning? This is normally cleaning services that are cleaning industrial companies, and other businesses without using harsh chemicals that can be dangerous to the workers and customers.

They are just making use of products that are environmental- friendly and that are safe to use around people. No chemicals that can cause short and long-term health problems are being used. No matter the type of industrial company they are cleaning.

Why is this something that you need to consider?

Is this something that you need to consider for your business or company? And if this is such a good idea, why should you consider making use of environmentally-safe industrial cleaning instead of any other cleaning methods?

Firstly, you are doing your part for the environment. We are using so much chemicals that are harming our planet, that if you can prevent some damage, why not? And, your company, and business will still be sparkling clean and germ-free. Your customers will not stay away because of the harsh smells in the store, and your workers will not be sick all the time because of the fumes that they are inhaling all the time. Making this a win-win for everyone.

Things to consider when choosing a eco-friendly industrial cleaning service

When you are considering choosing a environmentally-safe industrial cleaning service, there are a couple of things that you will need to consider. What type of cleaning solutions do they use, if they are only using green products? What are clients saying about them online? And, are they experienced in cleaning your type of industry?

There are questions that you need to answer before you are just hiring anyone for green industrial cleaning. You should make sure that they can handle your type of business, and that they are really using environmentally friendly products.

Finding the best eco-friendly industrial cleaning service

There’s a couple of ways on how you can find the best green industrial cleaning services. You can start by searching online, to find some names and numbers of industrial maintenance companies. You can also talk to other businesses and industrial companies about the cleaners that they are using.

You should just make sure that they are delivering a high-quality service, have good ratings and recommendations and that they are reasonable with their fees that they are asking. And, you might want to research the products that they are using to make sure that it is really green and environmentally friendly. Don’t hire anyone without interviewing them first to make sure that they can handle your company or industrial company.

Green industrial cleaning. Something that has many benefits for the company and the environment. But, finding the right service can be hard and frustrating. The moment that you know everything there is to know about environmentally-safe industrial cleaning, you will see that this might be something to consider. Something that will ensure that you are going to have a clean business, and that it will be saver for everyone that is working there.

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