Flooring in Alpharetta

The flooring Alpharetta has to offer is plentiful, and homeowners looking for carpet and hardwood in particular are limited only by their individual budgets and their personal sense of style in flooring. Many homeowners choose to have hardwood flooring in Alpharetta. One common tree that shows up a lot as flooring is the beautiful Southern Live Oak, a massive species that can have a crown of 150 feet. Its dark walnut planks are beautiful as flooring. Another common choice is the Eastern Red Cedar, with rich dark patterns that look great in homes. However, no matter what wood is chosen for the hardwood floor Alpharetta residents settle on, the key once installation is finished is keeping it clean and maintained. This is easy enough if certain considerations are kept in mind. First, water is one of the most problematic substances for wood. Any spills must be cleaned up right away, and any roof leaks must be tended to. Next, be sure to sweep with a soft bristle broom on a regular basis, and vacuum about once a week to get dirt out of the spaces between the planks. Stick a mat both inside and outside each entryway, and place runners in areas you know will be seeing a lot of use. Be sure to use rubber fasteners so the mats and runners don’t slip. The hardwood flooring in Alpharetta, like any other hardwood flooring, can cause a nasty bump if the floor mat slips and someone falls.

Carpet is another good option for flooring in Alpharetta. The most common type of carpet in Alpharetta, as well as many other places across the country, is cut pile. This variety is made with small loops at the top that stand straight up, making it less likely to have a crushed appearance.

Another popular carpet in Alpharetta is frieze. This variety has fibers that have been repeatedly twisted making it difficult to leave an impression with a shoe or other heavy object. This makes it ideal for areas of high use. Cut and loop pile carpet is another variety, combining fibers that stand straight up with fibers that are looped. This is a popular choice because many different looks can be achieved through varying the height of each strand. Berber is a variety of carpet that has enjoyed growing popularity. The individual pieces of yarn are thicker and larger, making them a good choice for areas that are high-traffic. The Saxony variety is common as well among carpet in Alpharetta. Saxony has cut piling that manufacturers twist and then use a heat treatment on to keep it standing straight up. This variety uses more than one type of yarn to twist together. These carpets are durable, but tend to reveal footprints and impressions very easily.

Whether it is carpet or hardwood flooring that Alpharetta residents choose, it is important that they select a flooring that is suited for their home and lifestyle.

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