Bathroom wall tiles and floor tile choices.

The most important aspect of choosing floor tiles is the material you choose. If you are working towards a budget this will also play a huge role and the size of the area you are tiling is also important. There are many floor tile options in which to choose from and all good tile stores have an abundance of tile materials, styles and designs in which to look at. The first aspect is to visit some good tile stores and make a choice on the material you would like.

Bathrooms are wet and moist areas and it is always important to choose a tile that is ideal for wet areas. Ceramic wall tiles and porcelain wall tiles are the first tile materials that come to mind because they are ideal for bathroom areas. Glass wall tiles are also excellent choices although they are a little more expensive than other tile materials but they can be confined to certain areas such as the shower, around the bath and backsplash areas. Glass mosaic borders also work well combined with other tile materials.

Natural stone tile varieties cover a large selection of tiles including travertine tiles, granite tiles, slate tiles, limestone tiles and marble tiles. In general natural stone tiles are the more expensive option but if the area you are tiling is reasonably a small area, natural stone solutions might be an ideal choice. Natural stone floor tiles can also be sourced at reasonable prices especially if the particular tile and style is no longer being produced. In this instance home owners need to ensure that the tile store has enough of the particular floor tile to complete the job and a little extra for breakages.

Marble tiles often remind us of chic, elegant spaces and marble certainly has the ability to really add chic and design. Marble wall tiles can work well in certain areas. There is also the option to use mosaic marble tiles and again confine the marble tiles to certain areas to keep costs down.

The wall tile material you choose will also differ in the maintenance levels they require, marble tiles for instance are a higher maintenance tile that need to be cleaned and maintained regularly in order to keep them looking good. Ceramic wall tiles and porcelain wall tiles are versatile low maintenance tiles that are easy to clean and maintain.

Home owners are longer confined to design varieties and there are an abundance of choices in which to choose from. The first aspect is to visit a good tile store and get some inspiration and ideas before making your choice.




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Cheap Floor Tile Choices.


There are many variations in the prices of floor tiles and the size of the room you are going to use them in will certainly influence the decision you make. If you are installing floor tiles in a particularly large room and want to stay within a budge, it may be important to opt for cheaper floor tile choices.

Cheap floor tiles don’t always mean that they are low quality; there are many floor tile choices that make great additions to both kitchen and bathroom floors. Ceramic floor tiles and porcelain floor tiles are great options for kitchen area where their durability ensures that they will certainly last the test of time. They are great for bathrooms and kitchens where there are ares of moisture because they hav e a low absorbency rate, they are also very easy to clean and maintain meaning they are not a time consuming tile to keep looking good.

There are many variations in the styles and designs that can be sourced for ceramic floor tiles and porcelain floor tiles. Home owners can opt for wood effect tiles or many of the natural stone looks. The ceramic floor tiles that has a travertine appearance works really well in kitchen areas where there are different colour variations in which to choose from. The wood effect tiles are also really popular especially for home owners looking for a specific look and appearance in either kitchens or bathrooms.

Quarry floor tiles are also great solutions, the trend and popularity of quarry floor tiles has always remained consistent because they such good quality flooring solutions, they are also a relatively cheap floor tiles option when you look at what they offer for the home. They are great for traditional settings such as the kitchen and they come in a wide range of colours which gives much more choice than there once was.

Mosaic floor tiles are also an option and although the installation procedures may be slightly more complicated, the end results are often spectacular. Choosing floor tiles does not just cover the design aspect but you are also making an investment in the home. Having floor tiles that will last and look good is primary and also adding value to the home is always a good idea.

There are so many choices when it comes to floor tiles, home owners should take the time to look at the different options available because there are many choices and some great floor tile deals to be had.


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Ceramic Floor Tile — More Choices

Floor tiles compared to wall tiles are usually larger, thicker and more durable. They come as squares, rectangles, octagons, hexagons as well as Moorish, ogee and other shapes as well. Floor tile are available as glazed or unglazed. Unglazed tiles are less slippery and wear shows less easily since the color extends all the way though the tile.

Ceramic floor tile solves several common flooring problems. It’s durable, easy to maintain and you don’t have to worry about breathing all those toxic vinyl fumes. As compared to other natural type flooring materials like wood, cork, bamboo and linoleum, it represents a real value. Plus it’s possible to install it yourself with just a few inexpensive tools. Here are the 5 common types of tiles available.

Quarry Tiles

These pieces are made by extruding clay into forms and then firing. Available as glazed or unglazed, you can get natural clay colors of yellow, brown, or red. Tough and water-resistant, quarry tile makes for a really tough, ideal floor surface. Sizes and shapes vary.


Pressed rather than extruded, pavers are generally unglazed and must be sealed to be water resistant. Available in many sizes and colors, a common size is 4 by 8 inches, commonly called brick pavers. Very dense pavers are called porcelain tiles.

Porcelain Tiles

These tiles are often earth colors but come in other colors as well. They don’t require sealing. The tile material is highly refined clay fire at more than 2000 degrees F. The product is very dense and very hard.

Glazed Tile

usually made of pressed clay, the tiles for walls and floors differ. Wall tiles are often softer and not suitable for floors. Some glazed floor tiles have a textured or matte finish for better traction and longer wear.

Mexican Tile

From Mexico come rustic, earth-colored pieces popular especially in the Southwest and West. Often soft and highly absorbent, these tiles must be sealed. Another popular Mexican tile product are the many art pieces available to serve as accents.

Ceramic floor tile comes in all kinds of types as well as many shapes, colors and sizes. Pick the right tile for your project and you get a durable material, easy to maintain, and easy to live with. Installing ceramic is also a project that most handy people can complete with just the purchase of a few special tools. Flooring with ceramic is easier than many other tile projects because of the relative lack of trim work required. Many of our articles include free hints for shower pan installation.

Check out our website for tips on installing ceramic tile projects of all kinds.

Bathroom Floor tile choices.

There are now so many bathroom ideas for decorating and planning the layout of your bathroom. There is the option to turn your bathroom into a wet room which will create space and an individual design or you could turn your bathroom into a luxurious relaxing zone with a designer bath and walk in shower. It really depends on the style and design you want to create but the one aspect of any bathroom is designing a space that can be maintained easily.

The material you use for your bathroom floors is important because it is an area that becomes wet and moist and an area that needs to be kept clean. Carpet is the less popular choice because it becomes wet often and is hard to maintain in a bathroom area. Bathroom floor tiles are the most popular because they are easy to clean; they are waterproof and can be wiped clean and dry.

The most popular bathroom tiles are porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles because they are two of the most versatile tiles. They are also incredibly string and durable, will not stain and are heat proof.

Different tile materials can also be used with great effect and design and home owners can have fun creating their own original and unique design as well as creating different designs.

Natural stone tiles are very popular and some natural stone materials can be used in bathroom settings.  Natural slate tiles are a beautiful material and will add both beauty and elegance to any bathroom.  There are different types of slate tiles and some variations are ideal for bathroom floors where they will blend in well and suit any existing decor. Slate tiles in bathroom settings will almost certainly be sealed which will protect them from any moisture and spillages.

Travertine tiles are also very popular for their beauty and are ideal for bathroom floors, there are however different finishes of travertine floor tiles and some varieties are less slippery when wet than others.

Limestone tiles are another option for bathroom flooring and will give the home owner a different alternative. Limestone again is a beautiful alternative to other tiles but there are different varieties and it is important to choose the correct tile in the correct setting.

There are so many choices when it comes to bathroom floor tiles and any good tile company will be able to advise you on the best tiles to suit both your personal preferences and the existing decor.


Tile choice offer a wide variety of Tile choice for the walls and floors, we also supply underfloor heating systems.