‘Humane’ Newt Gingrich Stumbles; Jon Huntsman Steps Into Spotlight








Newt Gingrich wants to keep illegal aliens in this country so their children can work as school janitors.


OK, the former House speaker didn’t exactly utter that sentence at Tuesday night’s GOP 2012 presidential election, but he fully embraces the concept.


Following his proposal last week to fire school custodians and turn their work over to children — child labor laws are “stupid,” he says — Gingrich played the “humane” card at the CNN national security forum.


It was a Rick Perry moment for the Georgian, who disingenuously asserted that no “humane” immigration policy would “break up families.” You’ll recall what happened when Perry tried that sanctimonious approach.


In fact, Gingrich’s position is founded less on humanity than on fuzzy thinking and ethnic pandering. Always the clever rhetorician, his meandering discourse on illegal immigration was an attempt to justify his vote for amnesty in the 1980s — a position that he holds to this day.


Gingrich was similarly mush-minded on foreign affairs.


He sounded like John McCain — cranky and jingoistic — when he blustered about Iran. “We can break them in a year,” he vowed.


Then, returning to the kinder, gentler Newt, he called for budget cuts in defense.


But don’t worry, neocons. Gingrich’s tenure at the globalist Council on Foreign Affairs will always have him toeing the internationalist/interventionist line.


By contrast, Jon Huntsman made eminent sense on Tuesday night’s 2012 presidential election. More than any other candidate on the stage, the former Utah governor clearly articulated the need to fix our own crumbling political system before shopping “democracy” abroad.


The former ambassador to China came off as less extreme than Ron Paul and far more reasonable than Gingrich, who alternates between glibness and bellicosity — neither of which is endearing or attractive in the long run.


Of course, Huntsman has his own explaining to do in regard to his service for Barack Obama and his issuance of driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants as Utah governor. But, for the first time, Huntsman at least showed he can compete effectively on the debate stage, if moderators afford him equal time with the presumptive front-runners.


For all his supposed smarts as a Ph.D. holder, Gingrich and his spiel are getting old. Look for his bump in the GOP polls to flatten and fade after the immigration issue blew up in his face during the 2012 presidential election debate.


The tea party is over for Newt. In reality, it should never have started.








The original article by Kenric Ward was published in Sunshine State News on Nov. 23, 2011. Sunshine State News focuses on the relationship between politics and business in Florida, speaking to an audience of lawmakers, lobbyists, business and opinion leaders, and all Floridians who expect their leaders to make common-sense decisions. SSN fills a void as the only Florida news outfit that believes free-market, less-government solutions will address the problems challenging our state. For more Rick Scott News or coverage of the 2012 Election, visit Sunshine State News. Contact Kenric Ward at kward@sunshinestatenews.com or at (772) 801-5341.

Janitors Of Super Rich Tenants Thrown Out As Trash Into The Dumping Ground Of The Unemployed

Destitution is facing Martha Escobar. There are fifteen other janitors like her who have lost their jobs in a luxury rental complex at Los Angeles of the super rich. JP Morgan Asset Management part of the sprawling empire of JP Morgan Chase owns the unit. The maintenance contractor ordered termination of their jobs.

Century Plaza Towers (segment of this complex) praises itself on its own website claiming that it has “one of the most prestigious tenant rosters in the country, which includes some of America’s mot prominent business leaders” The work of the janitors involved keeping things as good as new for these gods in heaven who hardly noticed their existence.

The janitors were also engaged in back breaking cleaning jobs at another segment of the complex – 200 Avenue of the Stars. It hosts many glamorous business outlets like Creative Artists Agency.

Few weeks previously the janitors lost their jobs. Except to suffer from anxiety they have very little work to do considering the job climate of America.
Escobar aged 41 years is the mother of two daughters aged 14 and 10. She is not conversant with English and speaking through an interpreter said that she had money to pay for her September rent only. School would soon resume but she does not know from where the money for the uniforms will come since she has no savings.

What is unique about these retrenchments is that there have been loud protests against the callous treatment they have received. The rich had engaged them at the measly rate (hourly $ 13.50) and then got rid of them as trash to be thrown into the dumping ground where millions of unemployed are sweating and fuming. The janitors have staged demonstrations and resorted to fasting outside the buildings where they had once worked.

Recently Escobar and a colleague Elba Polanco were taken to New York City by Service Employees International Union to present their case before Jamie Dimon the CEO of JP Morgan Chase. Dimon is famed for his fabulous lifestyle and for borrowing staggering amounts to purchase firms and then giving employees the boot.

It seems ridiculous to think that Dimon would lend them an ear. While stark hunger and life without a roof above their heads faces them Morgan Cahse has noted a profit of $ 4.8 billion during the quarter starting from April this year. The salary of the likes of Escobar would not pay for a single dinner feast of Dimon!

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