Learn More About DIY Alarm Kits Available For Any Home Or Business

You already understand and appreciate that your family safety and security are paramount, no matter what the cost. However, purchasing alarm fit for your home can be very expensive, particularly when you have it professionally installed. You are not only paying for the alarm itself, but also for the hours of installation time, making the cost of your alarm system extraordinary. Instead of spending an extensive amount of money just to have an alarm installed for your home, discover the extensive number of DIY alarm kits available on the web instead. When these DIY alarms, you will get the best alarm kits available on the Internet today, programmed and ready to install. The only difference is you will do the installation yourself, saving yourself thousands of Rand. One of the best DIY alarms available today is the Magellan DIY, ideal for a large house.

With this DIY alarm kit, you will receive one paradox Magellan panel, which comes with for wireless pet immunity detectors, as well as for wireless outdoor pet immunity detectors. Pet immunity simply means that if you have a pet that is smaller than 18 Kg in size, it will not set off the motion detectors that go along with your alarm system. The outdoor pet immunity detectors are good for any pet that weighs up to 40 Kg. In addition, you will receive two wireless door contacts, available in white or brown, so they are sure to match any d├ęcor. You’ll also receive two two-way remotes, a lithium battery for the console, a transformer with lightning protection, a battery packs for your pet immunity detectors, two battery packs for your door contacts, for mounting brackets for your outdoor pet immunity detectors, glued to mount the other detectors, as well as free delivery and free programming to your specifications.

Although this is one of the best DIY alarm kits available on the market today, you can find the ideal alarm kit for you, your family, and your home. You can use your security system is a message center, to leave a reminder or milk to your loved ones, as well as use the wireless keypad to gain entry into your home, bedroom or a garage. In the event of an emergency, you have a speakerphone built into your monitoring station, which will help you avoid false alarm charges. You also be able to take advantage of voice reporting, which is where the console will provide you or someone you know to play personalized message in order to alert you of an alarm or medical emergency if you are away from home. In this case, all you need do is press a button on your telephone and you will be immediately transferred to Magellan’s monitoring station. Regardless of the DIY alarm kit that you choose, you will be able to select from a number of renowned manufacturers, all of them providing spectacular alarm systems for any home or business. All you need to do is check out the Internet and you can quickly and easily find the ideal alarm kit for you and your family.

The DIY Shop aims to provide high end DIY alarms. We have researched the most reliable and competent systems available to the market. Our pre-made DIY alarm kits are delivered programmed.

Ceramic Floor Tile — More Choices

Floor tiles compared to wall tiles are usually larger, thicker and more durable. They come as squares, rectangles, octagons, hexagons as well as Moorish, ogee and other shapes as well. Floor tile are available as glazed or unglazed. Unglazed tiles are less slippery and wear shows less easily since the color extends all the way though the tile.

Ceramic floor tile solves several common flooring problems. It’s durable, easy to maintain and you don’t have to worry about breathing all those toxic vinyl fumes. As compared to other natural type flooring materials like wood, cork, bamboo and linoleum, it represents a real value. Plus it’s possible to install it yourself with just a few inexpensive tools. Here are the 5 common types of tiles available.

Quarry Tiles

These pieces are made by extruding clay into forms and then firing. Available as glazed or unglazed, you can get natural clay colors of yellow, brown, or red. Tough and water-resistant, quarry tile makes for a really tough, ideal floor surface. Sizes and shapes vary.


Pressed rather than extruded, pavers are generally unglazed and must be sealed to be water resistant. Available in many sizes and colors, a common size is 4 by 8 inches, commonly called brick pavers. Very dense pavers are called porcelain tiles.

Porcelain Tiles

These tiles are often earth colors but come in other colors as well. They don’t require sealing. The tile material is highly refined clay fire at more than 2000 degrees F. The product is very dense and very hard.

Glazed Tile

usually made of pressed clay, the tiles for walls and floors differ. Wall tiles are often softer and not suitable for floors. Some glazed floor tiles have a textured or matte finish for better traction and longer wear.

Mexican Tile

From Mexico come rustic, earth-colored pieces popular especially in the Southwest and West. Often soft and highly absorbent, these tiles must be sealed. Another popular Mexican tile product are the many art pieces available to serve as accents.

Ceramic floor tile comes in all kinds of types as well as many shapes, colors and sizes. Pick the right tile for your project and you get a durable material, easy to maintain, and easy to live with. Installing ceramic is also a project that most handy people can complete with just the purchase of a few special tools. Flooring with ceramic is easier than many other tile projects because of the relative lack of trim work required. Many of our articles include free hints for shower pan installation.

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