Sailboat Upkeep – Supplies and a Cleaning Schedule

There is nothing quite as disappointing as finding rust eating a sailboat up, or grime stuck to the decks and hull. Maintaining a sailboat assures that every time it is taken out, it will perform to the best of its ability and effectively. Keeping a sailboat in good condition is not difficult at all. There are some key tools and methods involved in maintenance.

First off the sailboat itself needs to be well protected against the elements. The boat needs to be washed with soap, with careful attention to not using bleach products unless absolutely necessary. The hull of the boat needs to be adequately recoated from time to time. This will not only protect the hull from rust and other effects but create a smoother surface against the water. The deck could use a fresh coat of varnish as well once in a while. Boat paint and varnish can serve a sailor very well with general upkeep of a sailboat.

Sailboats should be routinely inspected from bow to stern. Glancing carefully along the sailboat can reveal small imperfections and cracks which could grow to be a bigger problem if not addressed early. Assessing and acting on these cracks can help a sailor save time and money on more costly repairs down the line. For small cracks, a liquid sealant which does not shrink when cured is best. Such boat calking and adhesives are durable and cost efficient to use.

Cleaning the sailboat every so often can help prevent long term problems from building up and snowballing. Protect the sailboat now and often, and then cleaning will not be as difficult as if the sailboat was only cleaned once in awhile. Dedicating time to each aspect to address, such as the deck for instance, can help create an effective schedule for routine boat maintenance. Be sure to be stocked up boat cleaning supplies and get down to business.

Many amateur and even experienced sailors fall victim each year to costly repairs and maintenance because they did not establish a schedule for cost effective maintenance themselves and stick to it. Taking care of a sailboat does not have to cost an arm and a leg if you know what to do. Time management and a cleaning schedule can help assure that a sailboat will see many more sunsets without breaking the bank.

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