Do It Yourself

Doing up a house can be one of the most expensive things that you will ever do, with paint and furniture costing an arm and a leg. The last thing that you want to do is buy some tools which you will never use again. With so many DIY tasks being simple people are turning to the computer, just don’t let the cost of DIY get you down.

There are so many tasks you can take on, rather than employing a builder. These are some of the ways to get around those little tasks which can seem so big.

Hole in the wall? Well of course if you have a massive hole then you definitely need a builder. A small hole however can be mended. You will need poly filler and a spatula. Start off by sanding down the area if it is rough or if there is any leftover wallpaper. Once the area is smooth put the poly filler on the area and scrap it into the hole. If you have created one layer and it doesn’t cover the area then leave it to dry, this should take 30 minutes. Then go over the area again adding layer after layer, waiting between each one. When you have finished leave it to dry and then sand down the area so that it is smooth. You can then wallpaper or paint the area to complete the rejuvenation.

Mould on the ceiling? There is a simple solution, wash the area down with bleach and then leave to dry. Choose some mould proof paint and repaint using either a roller or a brush. Make sure you keep the area ventilated when painting.

Stained carpet? You may need to rent a professional carpet cleaner, which doesn’t have to be expensive. Make sure you clear the room before you attempt this massive task; you can then reach all the floor area.

Broken skirting board? You can take skirting boards off quite easily, so that’s not the difficult part. The difficult part is cutting the new board to size, especially if you don’t have a saw. You can rent one, so that’s solved that problem. So next measure the area and cut the board down to size, paint the board before you nail it to the wall, but wait for it to dry. Once the board is dry you can nail it into place. Simple!

There are many ways to cut the cost of DIY and tool rental is relatively cheap, so go on Do It Yourself.


Reggie Browning is a fervent blogger with over five years of experience. He specialises in rental items, cars and other consumer goods.