Keep Your Wood Floor Clean And Damage-Free

Polyurethane wood floors are beautiful, desirable, and add elegance to the home. They can last for a long time, too, if you take the proper care of them. They are an asset to the value of your home. Many people will only live in homes with wood floors. Learn how to clean it, and protect it so it will continue to be an asset to you. Follow this advice and you should be able to enjoy your floor for years to come.

One of the first things you need to be aware of is that wood floors are extra sensitive to humidity and dryness. Make sure that the humidity levels in your house are at a normal range and are consistent throughout the year, so that your wood floors won’t sustain water damage. In the winter, make sure it doesn’t get too hot, or the floor boards could start to separate. That means that if you live in a humid climate, you may have to get a de-humidifier installed in your house. And make sure that you keep the air conditioner at a reasonable level, too.

Stay aware of what’s going on with your hardwood floor. If you detect areas where the boards seem to be uneven, or that they’re buckling, this is called cupping and could be a sign of a leak somewhere, humidity damage or water that has sat on it too long. When you find a problem, locate the source and correct it immediately, before permanent damage is done to your hardwood floor. You can then sand down the damaged part, or you may have to replace the plank or planks altogether.

If your floor has a polyurethane coating you don’t need to use any products with wax in it. It is suggested that you use something natural, instead. Some suggest using water and vinegar. Some, natural products, like olive oil. If you do choose to use some polyurethane wood floor safe cleaner, it is suggested you alternate this with natural products to give your floor a break. Much like hair, switching your shampoo once in a helps reduce build-up and keeps it cleaner.

It is suggested that you use cloth furniture protectors underneath your table and chairs so they won’t scratch your floor when they slide across it. And don’t wear shoes inside that can scratch your floor, especially shoes like high heels, or shoes that can leave scuff marks. Just be aware of the traffic going on in your home, especially from kids and pets.

Finally, put a natural-fiber rug on the floor in front of the door. This can be used to knock off things off your shoes that can scratch the surface. Make sure it doesn’t have a rubber back because that can interact with the polyurethane finish. And consider putting a mat outside your door to knock off any rocks on your shoes on the way in.

Pine floors are beautiful. Cleaning products are hard to choose from for these floors. Ask someone who knows – a hard word floor company.