How to choose and hire Professional House Cleaning Company for your home in London

There are thousands of cleaning companies around London that you can hire only with one phone call. Due to high competition in the industry is good to know how to select and hire a cleaning company. This may seem a very difficult task, but following a few simple rules what to expect can help you in your selection.

We give you some valuable tips from our trusted experts:

1. Decide which rooms in your home need cleaning before choosing a company. For example, it may have rooms that you do not want to be entered. However, others require serious cleaning. You have to wash the windows and turn on the washing machine or you need a standard cleaning – like removing dust and mopping the floors. Once you assume these things, you can make a list of requirements by which to filter the candidates, as some companies do not offer a full range of services.

2. Ask your family, friends or neighbors for recommendations. Many customers would share with you what cleaning company they hired and which are happy from. And your friends can get bonus that you are connected with the company and its services.

3. Delete those companies that do not offer insurance. When cleaning private homes sometimes accidents happen ot theft. Insurance will guarantee the damages to be paid. If you choose a company that does not include insurance, the responsibility will be yours, as you are the owner of the home.

4. Contact targeted companies to ask whether domestic helpers who they offer are legally resident in the country and whether they have conducted a full medical examination. Make sure that the maids are responsible and are not criminals.

5. Ask for a free consultation. This usually involves a company representative to explain the conditions of work that needs to be done and its cost. Be skeptical if such consultation is refused for you. Both you and the company must be aware of what work needs to be done before it has begun.

6. Choose a company that offers flat rate and not one that has hourly. With the charge per hour, you risk maids who work more slowly to increase artificially the money you have to pay.

7. Avoid the lowest price to add decisive factor in choosing the company. If a service is significantly cheaper than the other, then there must be a reason. Be wary of deals that are too good to be real and pay attention to every detail in the transaction. If this transaction is flawed or the firm has a bad reputation – these are things that you will want to know before the service to be carried out.

8. Ask what cleaning products the company uses. If you have children or pets or you have an allergy, it is imperative to know what cleaning products to use in your home. If the company refuses to notify you, select another company that meets your needs.

9. Choose cleaning company which provides a guarantee of customer satisfaction. Companies that appreciate that their clients are satisfied and happy with the services they receive are more responsible and correct.

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Carpet Cleaning London

London is a beautiful city once you get past the sheer scope and wonder it brings. It is a city of culture, history, and fine English heritage. Many flock to London each year to live and work in the great city, and it is no surprise why. London boasts a robust travel network ensured to keep the city moving and working. A city that is always working is bound to get a little messy, and should the filth of the city get ingrained into your carpet, you know you need to look for someone who deals in carpet cleaning.

Many people have something of an idea about carpet cleaning. They assume it involves pouring noxious chemicals onto your carpet and little it bubble and fizzle away until you’ve got nothing but a beached patch of frayed carpeting. Those assumptions are entirely wrong. While chemicals are used sometimes in carpet cleaning, they are designed specifically to remove dirt and stains while leaving your carpet entirely alone. Not a single fibre of the carpet will be harmed with these chemicals, in fact it’ll leave it looking and feeling like new. These chemicals are hardly noxious either, as very few make a smell let alone release toxic fumes into the tranquil atmosphere of your home.

Perhaps you don’t have a problem with stains or deeply embedded dirt, maybe your carpet is just looking a bit drab. Quite easily your carpet can look like this because it is dirty, but the dirt itself is incredibly fine so it simply makes it look like the carpet has lost colour. High powered vacuums can be used to suck the dirt particles right out of your carpet, and make it look and feel like you just bought it yesterday, and if the vacuums don’t do the trick steaming will be applied to get out all of the stubborn dirt. If you’re really into cleanliness in your home, it is well worth taking a look at carpet cleaning. You may be under the impression that carpet cleaning is expensive, but it simply isn’t. Carpet cleaning is affordable and makes your carpets look like new again. is a market leading specialist when it comes to efficient, effective carpet cleaning London which never fails to deliver the goods. End of tenancy cleaning London is superb.

Contract Cleaning London


City Care Cleaning is an established independent contract cleaning London business that specialise in providing cleaning manpower and facilities management across our nation’s capital. 
City Care Cleaning was established to provide professional businesses with flexible and meticulous services to suit your hours of business. Our contract cleaning London management and personnel have a wealth of experience in the soft service sector and understand that it is paramount for all customers to receive a level of customer service and affordability that they deserve.
All of our contract cleaning London services is backed up by stringent quality control and customised cleaning procedures to meet the demands of our clients. As well as these bespoke and thorough services we’re additionally regularly screen and train all of our manpower with the latest products and cleaning procedures to ensure that each of our contract cleaning London customers receive the optimal service. 
As we can all appreciate a clean office environment increases productivity and staff happiness. After all, if you work in a fast-paced environment then the last thing that you want to occupy your mind is a messy work environment. Additionally, our office cleaning London is able to make sure that your work place environment is free from any potential situations where accidents may occur. Our innovative contract cleaning London service will create an environment where you, your staff can work efficiently without every worrying about the cleanliness of your work space.
Our contract cleaning London professionals can fulfil a number of requirements for each and every customer. These include, vacuuming and dusting, telephone sterilizing, specialist cleaning of VDU’s, toilet hygiene maintenance and internal window cleaning. We also operate a quality assurance of all our cleaning services which means that our contract cleaning London professionals will conduct a full inspection of your premises to target those areas of our premises where our services are most important.
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House cleaning London style

When it comes to house cleaning London has a lot to offer. A London cleaning company is used to dealing with situations peculiar to life in a big city, where people are constantly moving houses and offices. For example, for end of tenancy house cleaning London firms will come in and do a fast, efficient job, getting your property ready for the next set of tenants in double-quick time. Equally, if you’ve just bought a new home, house cleaning London style will take the strain off the first week in your new home, leaving you to concentrate on where to put the furniture!


You’ll have no trouble finding a cleaning company in the big smoke. There are cleaning company posters and notices on the boards inside most blocks of flats and offices. And individuals new to London will often set up their own cleaning company to make money, many offering a cheap alternative to large cleaning company fees. Or look up ‘house cleaning London’ on an internet search engine to find any number of companies vying for trade.


However, there’s such a large demand for cleaning services in London, you may find there’s a waiting list, at least for the larger companies. When looking for a local company to do their house cleaning Londoners, especially those new to the city, could do worse than check out 0800 House Cleaning, where they’ll find listings of more cleaning companies than they could imagine.


Bear in mind when engaging a cleaning company for the first time, it’s worth being there while they do the work, as you may find questions come up which you can answer much more easily on the spot than you might be able to at the end of the phone. Always listen to the advice of a cleaning professional, too; they can often give great tips on how to improve your own cleaning skills, as well as how best to enable them to do their job.


Consider the sort of cleaning products the cleaning company might use, too. Many companies routinely use products that we might prefer were kept out of our house. Strong bleach or other chemicals, for example, might be the sort of thing those with sensitivities, or with young children in the house, would prefer to avoid. If you choose to limit their use, there’s no reason why your home shouldn’t be just as clean; using kinder products may result in it taking a little longer to do the job, but it’s worth it for your peace of mind. And these days even Londoners are trying to do their bit for the environment. A good London house cleaning firm will understand your concerns and do their best to accommodate your needs – after all, they’re keen to get your repeat business. So make clear to your cleaning company what you will and won’t accept in your home (most Londoners are good at making their needs clear!) and get your house cleaning London professionals working the way you want them to work.

house cleaning London style can bring your home up to London standards. Give 0800 House Cleaning the chance, and they’ll find you a local cleaning company you can begin to build a long-term relationship, whatever your needs.

Floor Tiling London

Floor tiling London

There has been an ongoing debate as to what looks the nicest in your front and back garden; the main debate circles around these tree options;

Grass or lawn


Paving stones

I’m sure the debate will never die and it also ties in with the saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, this means that what one person loves, the next man may not. Some prefer being able to play and relax on their grass or lawn, others prefer to put patio chairs out and sit and enjoy the summer on their decking or paving stones. Some people may choose to combine a grassed area with decking or paving stones. Some people may even go as far to utilise all three in their outdoor space whatever you go for it is always a good idea to get assistance from floor tiling London.  Whatever you choose it has to suit you tastes and also be practical for the area that it is to go into. This article is aimed at exploring the different types of outdoor spaces, the article will then conclude by informing you on where you can find more information on floor tiling London and tillers.

Consider a combination with paving stones – aided by floor tiling London

One type of flooring that’s really good to consider is paving stones put in by floor tiling London. This is because they come in many different, shapes, sizes colours and patterns that can match many people’s tastes and styles.

You can chose from a multitude of paving stones such as; granite, marble, slate and even clay. All of these offer different styles and price ranges, you will be sure to find a paving stone to match your tastes and outdoor décor. They also blend nicely and can be combined with a lawn or decked area to finish off your garden nicely.

To see is to believe

Why not see for yourself what paving stones can do for your area; if you would like more information why not pop into your local DIY store, they will be happy to help and show you the range of paving stones they have to offer. Or you could consult your nearest floor tiling London to assist. You may also be able to obtain a brochure which will contain more paving stones in addition to the ones you have seen in store, if after all this you still haven’t made up your mind then more information can be found by entering the keyword ‘floor tiling London’ into an internet search engine.

Floor tiling London has to be carried out by trained professionals who have years of experience in the industry and we really know what we are talking about at! Ourtilers  are exceptional!

Carpet Cleaning London

Among the principal carpet cleaning london solutions that’s offered is steam cleansing. If you also find some thing referred to as warm drinking water extraction then this can be precisely the identical factor it is only a different name for it. In reality, it really is much more of a correct and official title than the initial but it’s less complicated to only refer to it inside the far more unofficial, less accurate way.

If you have ever before noticed one used, or employed one yourself, then you may certainly notice the steam. That is something which is fairly difficult to miss, and it is straightforward to believe that it is actually that which can be performing the cleaning. Properly, for those who have not accomplished it yourself then it is. Even so, if you have ever before operated one then you will know that it wants hot drinking water and detergent and so you will probably realise that this really is what exactly is actually cleansing the carpet. The steam, in reality, is no more than a by product of this.

What occurs, then, is that the warm h2o (with the detergent combined into it) is utilized to the carpet at a substantial stress. The truth the drinking water is warm and is utilized with force are two essential factors here. Without having them the clean would not be as very good. Each gadget will probably have a strategy to set exactly how very hot the drinking water need to be as well as just how much strain it should appear out at.

This should be adjusted for each and every carpet, as suitable, so that the best clear is performed. If, however, you set the water to also substantial a temperature or make it come out also quickly, then you’ll be risking making it so that the carpet can’t handle it. That is when carpets can be made right into a worse problem using this approach.

That’s among the reasons that folks usually get in professionals to do it for them. Not only will a london carpet cleaner know the exact temperature and stress to use for each and every carpet, but they will be accountable if something does go wrong. They’ll know the correct settings to make use of by having exceptional judgement, brought on by applying it to a whole lot much more carpets within the previous. Of course every person has to begin someplace so there will always be beginners at the same time but it is unlikely that they are gonna be unaccompanied. Even when they are then they are going to have acquired coaching initial. If neither of those things is accurate, even so, then the cleaning company is taking a big risk that the carpet will truly be ruined. This can be bad to the individuals concerned, particularly if they require the carpet to get cleaned for some specific objective within the near foreseeable future. They are going to not shed out economically although, the carpet cleaners will probably be accountable for spending out for a new carpet so the consumer need to be coated. No matter whether they’ll be able to get income to the prospective loss of company on account of not getting a good carpet for any while, however, is some thing that will need to be worked out. If it happens extremely often with the cleaning company though then they’ll get a bad status, even when they do shell out out afterwards. They’d most likely need to prevent a court battle in any case so as to prevent the bad publicity so you should be able to get ample compensation fairly simply. It could be significantly greater, nonetheless, to just use a organization which doesn’t have troubles like that though.

It is crucial to make use of this carpet deep cleansing technique simply because of the dirt that will develop up more than durations of time. That is why you do not need to utilize it extremely typically, actually it could put on out the carpet too much in case you do that. In case you do it about twice a yr although then that’s a lot to maintain the carpet smelling, sensation and seeking new. That is something that several carpet cleaning london businesses can care for.

Among the principal carpet cleaning london solutions that’s offered is steam cleansing. If you also find some thing referred to as warm drinking water extraction then this can be precisely the identical factor it is only a different name for it.

Home cleaning London

London is one of the established and old cities around the world. London residents have enjoyed the fruits of technological advancements for very long periods. Living in London has its advantages and challenges. Some of the natural consequence of living in cities is the need to change residence for varied reasons including moving to more spacious and luxurious homes when fortunes come and moving to smaller apartments during difficult times. In fact it is until one buys his or her home that one can be sure to live in one home much longer.


Moving from one home to another has the implications of having to do cleaning for the new home and probably the same for the house one is moving out of. Home cleaning London is therefore a need which supports businesses and which proprietors who can rise to the challenge have responded to well. London house cleaning company is one such organization which specializes in home cleaning London. They do all sorts of home cleaning requirements including surfacing materials, household items, home equipment and many others.


Home cleaning London is a business which includes cleaning carpets, floor tiles whether wooden or ceramic, cleaning seats whether leather or fiber, and cleaning a complete home or just rooms. Cleaning is an essential activity humans have to do to keep their environments safe and tidy. Cleaning makes a place healthy to live in and also attractive and pleasing to spend more time in. Not many people have the time to do the thorough periodic cleaning that is necessary to bring the required uplifting of the faces of many facets in our homes.

It is due to such considerations that home cleaning London has become such a buzz word.


One factor that makes home cleaning London different from other cities in different locations around the world is the seasonal variations. Different seasons have different requirements in terms of clothing, cleaning and other daily requirements. During such seasons as winter, families spend much time indoors leaving very little room for extensive cleaning requirements. Seasonal changes therefore make home cleaning London somehow a seasonal activity that happens at a time when seasons are in transition.


Spring is one time when extensive cleaning services are carried out around London. It also comes at a time when many families want to take much time out having endured the confines of their homes during winters. Home cleaning London therefore comes as a ritual that is characteristic of modern day London and which has resulted in specialization. There are established companies who have developed the required skills, expertise and experience over time which puts them at an advantage as far as home cleaning requirements are concerned.

Home cleaning London is an established concept today which has attracted a lot of industry players. The industry players are basically home cleaning companies like London house cleaning companies who have invested their time in learning the secrets of home cleaning ranging from suitable detergents to appropriate tools and equipment. Home cleaning London has been reduced to a simple art of finding and negotiating with the right company and getting the work done.

House cleaning in London

House cleaning in London is more interesting today than it was a few decades back. The changes have come in the methods and ways used to do house cleaning. In recent times house cleaning companies have emerged which have introduced a lot of professionalism and standardization in the way cleaning is done. Today cleaners are thoroughly trained to respond adequately to different cleaning requirements according to the nature of fabrics used in cases where materials are concerned and according to the texture of the surface incases concerning hard surfaces.


Companies specializing in home cleaning have identified the various cleaning requirements and sorted them in packages where you can for example get specific services like cleaning carpets, washing curtains, cleaning seats and other house hold electronic appliances like the fridge and microwave ovens. This is the one fact that makes it possible to get quotations online whereby you only need to visit the website, fill in a form giving details of your house and/ or cleaning requirement then submit online.


Other house cleaning packages include cleaning of kitchen sinks, bathroom tabs and walls, shower screens, toilet cisterns and bowls, wooden floor tiles, ceramic floor tiles and ceramic wall tiles among others. These surfaces and items do require more time and labor to clean to the required standards otherwise they start accumulating dirt and change colors making them less attractive to use and unhealthy too. Failing to clean washrooms properly can easily lead to emergence of skin infections which can also be transmitted through contamination.


People moving into new homes whether they are newly built or not do require comprehensive house cleaning to ensure they are moving into clean rooms.

They may also desire to clean their old houses all of which services house cleaning companies offer. There are occasional seasonal house cleaning requirements as happens every spring in London when many people want to do thorough cleaning following long periods of light house cleaning works.


House cleaning also provides an opportunity to take stock of one’s clothes and decide which ones to dispose and which to retain. It is also at such times that seasonal weather requirements are used to sort out clothing to decide which ones need to be kept closer for regular use and which ones to be stored away until an appropriate season arrives. Many of these cleaning requirements are a once off activities though there are also regular house cleaning services.


Instead of employing house maids to do your cleaning services it is better to contract house cleaning companies who will shoulder the responsibility of ensuring your house and household items are cleaned thoroughly. They also take it upon themselves to do the required supervisory work.




House cleaning has changed significantly in the last few decades and is still set to change. Technology which also dictates changes in lifestyle is largely responsible for the changes witnessed so far in house cleaning. We all know that there are serious efforts to develop robots which may be able to do some of the cleaning work but before we get there you can outsource these services from professional cleaning companies.