Why you should select tile rather than other types of flooring?

Loft porcelain tile may be set in a wide range of designs, enabling you to add your own personal touch to your home. It is more long-lasting, and can withstand years of use, and simpler to clean. In most cases, a quick run over the tile floor with a broom and a mop is all that is required to maintain it.

Carpet need frequent vacuuming, and in some cases, steam cleaning to maintain the cleanliness. Even without frequent cleaning, high traffic areas will start to show worn out effects after a few years. Wooden floors, while being lovely, do need care of the finish to maintain outlook. Besides, with wood you have to be cautious that it is not scratched. Or else, you may get yourself having to sand and refinish the floor. Linoleum has its own set of issues. It tends to discolor with age and might peel up.

When most of the people think about calacatta porcelain tile, they think about tile floor, generally found in either the bathroom or kitchen. Nonetheless, tile can be used in various other places. In the kitchen, you may also utilize ceramic tile to make a backsplash or even on the countertops. Tile may be placed around a fireplace or up the wall above it for an incredible focus point.

In the bathroom, it can be utilized on shower walls, or to provide a backsplash for the tub or sink. Other places you can get ceramic floor tile Miami are in laundry rooms or patios. For a unique entrance to your home, you should tile the floor and place a ceramic or medallion tile with contrasting color in the center of the room.

The floor layouts are restricted only by your imagination. They range from simple block pattern to more complex patterns. Some people love to give the loft porcelain tile a 45 degree turn and set it on the diagonal. Tile may be staggered to make a brick pattern. More complex designs may include layout which include varying sizes of tile, which make a path through the room. You may also insert complementary or contrasting colors that can be used to bring a new depth to the room.

The method of preparing the floor from calacatta porcelain tile may vary depending on the floor. Usually, existing floor should be removed to expose the subfloor. While some people select to just tile over their existing flooring, this may sometimes lead to issues in the future. All the debris from the subfloor should be cleaned, including dirt, screws, nails, and glue. If the subfloor is made of cement and has large dips, it may have to fit in before you may start tiling.

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What Not To Do With Slate Tile Floors

As with any floor tiling project, you will be ordering boxes of slate tiles in bulk. And as with anything fragile that is ordered in bulk, you will be expecting a percentage of the tiles to be in several broken pieces!

This is the stark reality of ordering a material that is made solely of rock. There may be some wear and tear in the shipping and handling process (and at home).

So, it is highly suggested that you order a bit of extra slate tiles to counter for this problem. It is far better to have an excess of tile floors than to come up short, and have to go through the time-wasting process of waiting for another small shipment to arrive to finish the job.

Watch and you will see–once your boxes of tiles show up, open every one of them up. When you find chipped and cracked pieces, set them aside in an empty box for easy returning.

And when you are testing out the placement of your floor tiles, you can keep in mind that you should be removing any loose dirt pieces that exist.

When leaving the loose debris underneath the slate tiles, everything will not be level and everything will be messed up.

What will also be messed up is if you lay the slate tiles onto a wet floor! It is a definite no-no. Who knows what is going to happen if all that moisture is trapped for so long underneath?

The entire process of creating a slate tile floor consists of a lot of time and waiting. It is no different in the case of waxing the tiles. If the wax is not fully cured, you just can’t move onto the sealer, yet.

The wait is well worth it, though. I know I’m not speaking for myself when I say that footprint marks left in the wax are not so nice to look at permanently in slate tiles. I made the mistake myself, and I’ve never been able to get rid of the marks.

As the next chapter in the “waiting for tiles” saga, you will have to wait for the grouting, too. The average wait time: 24 hours. This way, all of the mortar can settle nicely and dry up well before you grout.

Ben Dziga can give you some tips on slate tile flooring and all of the basics when you check out his slate tiles blog.

The Perfect Choice For A Restaurant Kitchen – Tile Floors

The most important element when choosing in which restaurant to have lunch or dinner, is the food quality, the prices and the most important one: the hygiene. It is such an important element that there is no middle way: you’ll either love the restaurant and give it good recommendations or you’ll hate it and never return there again, after telling that to all of your friends. In restaurants hygiene is decisive, as it says everything one needs to know about the food, the people serving it, the people owning the place and the respect they pay to you, as a client.

From this perspective, the best choice if you wish to keep a high standard of cleanness in your restaurant is a floor made of marble tiles. No matter how many people pass through the kitchen and no matter how much food and drinks are being transported and spilt on the floor, the marble tiles will always clean the quickest, the easiest, without getting scratched or deteriorated in any way. Should you find white marble too pretentious for a kitchen tile floor, the cappuccino marble tiles in beige or honey could fit perfectly to a fancy restaurant or to a cozy home.

Another advantageous aspect of the marble tiles is the design. As the design is the first impact on the client, before he gets the chance to see the kitchen and taste the food, it is important to create a balance between the architecture of the building, the marble floors and the specificity of the restaurant, proving thus an exquisite, artistic taste.

One should not forget the financial advantage offered by a marble tile floor. As marble is a marvelous heat conductor, a floor heating system could be the solution to a restaurant’s energy bills. It will certainly cut down the energy costs and create more space in your restaurant.

All in all, tile floors are the perfect choice for a restaurant kitchen because they will bring together three important aspects in this business: hygiene, design and low costs. All these three brought together will bring along a fourth important element: clients.

The warm tones of beige and honey turn the cappuccino marble tiles into the very foundation of coziness in one’s home.

The Benefits of a Heated Tile Floor

For some people, the thought of heated floors is something of fairy tales or dream homes that they cannot afford. The reality, however, is that electric radiant floor heating systems have been around for a long time and they can provide your home with the warmth that it needs, no matter what you have in mind. A heated tile floor is going to give you a chance to get more out of your investment and have the home that you have always wanted. Here are just a few of the perks of installing an electric radiant floor heating system in your home:

-A heated tile floor means no more cold feet when you get out of the shower. Even if you don’t have a rug or a towel down, you can step onto a warm floor and get all of the comfort that you deserve in your home.

-When you have heated floors, you never have to worry about wearing socks to keep warm. Your feet will always be nice and toasty when the floors are. Forget slippers and socks because now you can run around barefoot in June or January without a care.

-Electric radiant floor heating is energy efficient and can help you cut utility costs. When you have heated floors, you will spend less on your forced air or electric heat for the rooms in your home. The heat from the floor will keep things at a more even temperature and help maintain the balance. That means you can spend less on your utility bills with a heated tile floor.

-You will be able to show off your hot floors to all of your friends. People are looking at things like this as if they’re new inventions, but people have been putting in radiant heat floors for decades. It isn’t popular, of course, but it is definitely getting there.

A heated tile floor can give you a lot to appreciate. These are just a few of the benefits that you should consider in your decision as to whether to invest in something like this. Get the facts and learn about electric radiant floor heating solutions for your home so that you can see what’s out there and weigh the options before you make a decision. That will help you get the best heating solutions for your home, including heated floor systems that you can depend on for added warmth.

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Getting Tile Installation in Toronto and GTA

There is nothing as good and pleasurable as having great tiles installed in your home. Thinking of this, you need to consider tiles installation in Toronto. Get the type you should be happy with and that which will last you well for a very long time. Remember that you and your visitor will walk on them on a daily bases and this will tell about the uniqueness of your home.

Now that you have money to get good tiles for your home, do away with your old tiles and outdated tiles. You can no longer be happy with having the Toronto Linoleum currently on your floor. It is very light and can scuff and tear easily. The most difficult issue about it is that, your floor usually looks very dirty and hard to clean when torn.

It is much better and easier to keep your floor tidy and clean when you install the modern tiles found in Toronto today. You can go for the ceramic or the glass tiles. They are solid tiles and are not easily torn and worn. The use of grout during their installation keeps them in place and difficult to remove without using some equipment to remove them from the floor. If you have considered glass tile installation in Toronto or ceramic floor tile installation, you need to consider how you want them installed.

You can install the tiles on top of Linoleum without needing to pull it off. It is very light, thin and sticks to where it is. Another good thing about it is that it is very cheap. You can select tiles of any color. The Great North Toronto Tile Installation can be good to consider.

You can check it out from any local tiles shop close to you. GTA mosaic tiles installation can also be a good consideration. Whatever selection you make, choose a grout with matching color or with other contrasting color for a unique and artistic look.

However, it is better to find out from the Toronto tiles installers the best choice to make about your flooring. This will enable you to make the best decision regarding installing ceramic tile process in your home and property.

Installing Toronto ceramic tiles involves different styles and techniques to put the room in good look. In the traditional technique, you lay tiles straight to create straight lines with the tiles while the modern day installer will give you a perfect, an artistic and unique installation. All that is required from you is to give them the description of how you want the tiles to look like in your room. You can also seek their advice on the pattern to choose.

You do not have to let the difficulty in removing your linoleum tiles during tile installation discourage you. You can cover up Linoleum during tile installation without removing them. They have the advantage of making the newly installed tiles stronger and better floor that will last for a very long time.

Anytime you are preparing to install tiles on your floor, look out for great installers in Toronto. They can always give you the best quotes, but mind you, get quotes from three different companies before making your final choice.

You do not have to live with linoleum in any room of your home in North York Toronto. You can easily cover up Linoleum with tile so that you have a better, stronger floor that will last a very long time. Whether you had it in your kitchen, bathroom or hallway, this small change can completely alter the look of your home.

When you are ready to go forward with the installation of your flooring, North Toronto professionals can give you quotes. You should try to get quotes from two or three companies so that you find the most affordable option. Be very clear, about how you want the tile installed, too, as some of the more intricate designs will take longer and therefore could cost more as well.

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Beautiful Ceramic Tile – Bloomington MN

When you go shopping at your Bloomington, MN floor store, you will find that tile has become so popular that there are dozens of new patterns, sizes, and colors. Years ago you only saw tile on bathroom floors; little one inch tiles surrounded by larger ones. They then moved up the walls when showers got popular.

When you check out the flooring in Bloomington, MN, you will discover that there are now narrow, long, one inch strips for accent, finishing, and striping, to square tiles that can be 3″, 5″, 12″, 24″, and more.

Larger tiles are good for the floor in large rooms, such as kitchens, family rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. Otherwise you end up with too much grout and too little tile…a busy look. Smaller tiles are good for use as kitchen backsplashes, kitchen and bathroom counters, and small floors or shower walls in bathrooms.

So if you are considering ceramic tile, Bloomington, MN is a good starting point. But you need to consider cost, pattern style, color, and installation. Ceramic tile is made the way pottery is made. It is formed from clay, glazed, and fired in very hot ovens under extreme temperatures. It is not difficult to install, but it needs to be learned, and is rather time consuming.

At your Bloomington, MN floor store, you will learn everything you need to know to make a wise decision regarding who does the installing, whether it is you or a professional. One way or the other, you will be glad you decided to get tile. It is durable, adds a wonderful touch to most styles of décor, and is very easy to clean.

When you buy your flooring in Bloomington, MN, the salesman will also tell you about the cons to having this type of tile. If something breakable, like a glass or dish, is dropped on a ceramic floor, it will usually shatter. When ceramic tile is wet it can be very slippery, so it is wise to have non slip throw rugs in front of sinks, bathtubs, and showers.

Another thing to consider is whether or not to get glazed tile. Glazed will have a harder finish and be stain resistant. Dull, unglazed tile (such as some of the Mexican tiles) is beautiful, but will suffer in areas where stains occur (such as counters).

You will be amazed at the many choices of color and pattern (almost endless) that you will find at your Bloomington, MN floor store. Racing stripes on floors, walls, or counters, to monograms, intricate patterns, checkerboards, or individual inlaid tiles like herbs and flowers are all available in tile.

Ceramic tile on your walls can be likened to matting and picture framing a work of art. But it is important to know all of the disadvantages to using this type of flooring which Bloomington, MN dealers will advise you. Ceramic floors do not retain warmth, and will be cold to the touch in winter, unless you have radiant heat.

Tile is also water resistant. It lasts well in high traffic areas, but can be hard on your feet if you stand on it for long periods of time. And while it takes just a damp mop to wash the tile, the grout can stain, chip, and even crumble. Installation is labor intensive, but the tile can last for decades.

Should you decide to install your own ceramic tile, Bloomington, MN dealers will be happy to give you detailed instruction before you begin.

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Tile Flooring And Wall Design Tips

We all have dreams and aspirations for our humble abodes. With tiles you can turn your boring rooms into luxury living. Tile flooring is extremely versatile. It is used in modern décor schemes, country homes, gothic design, and Tuscan or Spanish villas. In a well designed home, tile is king.

I guess the real question at hand is not whether you are going to use tile flooring in your home renovation project, but what kind of tile floors and walls you plan to use. The more common kinds used are ceramic, porcelain, and glass. So, which do you choose and why? Some basic things you should always ask yourself when shopping for tile are:

1. Where do you plan to use the tile?
2. How much money are you willing to spend?
3. Will you be wearing it down with use?

Start with the first problem: location. You probably will not be using materials for the walls as you would for the floor or counters. Stone, ceramic, or porcelain tile makes sense being used for countertops and floors whereas glass is fantastic for walls. You may want to consider that ceramic tile does not absob moisture or odors, and it is easy to clean so it is good for bathrooms and kitchens. Glass tiles are the alternative because they are recyclable and are very colorful. Mosaic glass is better for grip in showers and wet floors. Clay-based tiles are good for outdoor patios and kitchens too because they look rustic and have good grip.

Next, consider your renovation budget. How much are you willing to spend on tile floors and walls and per how many cubic feet? Natural stone and glass tile is generally more expensive than ceramic. Consider the space you need to fill and get estimates from the store where you plan to buy your tile. Think about what tile is most appropriate to cover that space. Also, consider the size and shape of the tiles. You may find that different shapes or designs can help you save money.

Last, how much traffic will the location get? You want the most durable floors in busy rooms. A foyer or outdoor patio, for example, will be getting more wear than other spaces. Porcelain provides a durable and no-slip surface. It is tough enough to withstand abuse from shoes without looking dull. Ceramic is also pretty durable and is one of the most commonly used for homes.

No matter how you look at it, you should be asking yourself which tile floor is most practical. All of your choices will look nice if you chose a color and design wisely. The materials should be a big factor in your decision-making.

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Installing Floor Tile Over Old Linoleum

Ceramic floor tile is a great choice for many rooms throughout the home, and installing tile flooring is a commonly tackled project for the do-it-yourself homeowner. Many people have no trouble installing a full room of ceramic tile without calling in a professional, which can be a big money saver. If your existing floor is covered with linoleum, you can lay your new tile floor directly over the linoleum flooring to save money and time – and to add an extra layer of insulation beneath your tile. However, if you have a wooden subfloor beneath the linoleum, it is best practice to completely get rid of the old linoleum and underlayment beneath the linoleum before tile installation to prevent cracking and buckling of your tile due to the flexibility of the subflooring. If, on the other hand, the linoleum is only installed on top of a concrete slab, you can go ahead and lay your tile over top of it.

Preparing Your Floor

Before you begin installing your floor tile, you will want to remove any existing trim from around the edges of the flooring, including edge stripping and baseboards. Move any bathroom fixtures from the room, like the toilet. Clean the floor thoroughly, but do not rough up or sand the existing linoleum as many of the older types of linoleum may contains particles of asbestos that can lead to lung damage if inhaled. Use high quality sealant to block moisture from any spot where moisture tends to occur in the room. Lay out your tiles on bathroom floor to be certain that you have purchased enough tile flooring to complete the job.

Safety First

Before you begin to install your tile flooring over linoleum, be sure to open a window or provide other ventilation for the room in which you will be working. The adhesive that you will be using will let off fumes that can be toxic. You should also be aware that these fumes are also flammable, so don’t smoke or allow anyone else to smoke in the room while you are installing your tile.

Tile Installation

You will find it most convenient and a big time saver to go ahead and cut any of the pieces of edging tile that you will need to place around areas of obstruction in the bathroom, like water inlets for toilets, or pipe fixtures. A wet saw can be used to make cuts for these tiles. You will also need a tile nipper, which is useful in clipping small notches from tiles to make them fit into corners or around pipes. Wet saws are quite expensive, but luckily you can rent one at many home improvement stores in lieu of buying one outright. Starting in the center of the area where your tiles are laid out, apply adhesive to the back of the tiles using a trowel that is “notched”. This type of trowel provides a grooved surface for the tile’s back that will help it to adhere better to the floor. Use tile spacers to leave the appropriate amount of space between each tile to allow for grouting. As you work, immediately clean up any excessive adhesive that may seep from beneath the tile as it is installed. Next, you will need to use good quality grout to fill in between the tiles, and you will need to work the grout between the tiles using a grout float. And last of all, the application of a bead of silicone caulking to any spaces around pipes and fixtures within the room will help to finish up the look of your bathroom tile. You’re now finished with the tile and can begin to reseat the fixtures that you have removed, and then reinstall the edging, baseboards and other trim that were removed initially.

Genuine talent is hard to find, and Angela Glancy from AmericanArtisanArt.com is the real deal as she offers new ideas for displaying metal wall decor and copper wall sculptures.

Marble tile flooring advice.

Marble tiles are known for their beauty and are considered the most luxurious tiles and they will certainly add real design and elegance to any home.

Marble tiles can and often are installed as floor tiles, although it has to be said that marble flooring is certainly the more expensive choice of tiles. If the area you are tiling is particularly large, installing marble tiles will certainly require a higher end budget.

There are lots of rooms where marble flooring is ideal such as bathroom floors, hallways and even living areas for home owners that prefer hard flooring as opposed to carpet flooring.  Marble tiles offer a cool flooring solution and are often used in hot countries where cool flooring offers comfort from very warm weather.

Marble tiles are beautiful and there is no mistaking that it is a sophisticated chic flooring solution but marble tiles need proper care and attention to ensure they maintain their pristine appearance.

There are the glazed and unglazed varieties of marble tiles, the glazed variety are hard with a smooth surface and they have the ability to resist stains.  The unglazed variety of marble tiles will not scratch but are not totally stain resistant and so extra care is needed to ensure the tiles remain stain free.

If special care is taken marble flooring will provide home owners with a versatile and beautiful floor tiling material.  Marble flooring will also be water resistant and thus a hygienic flooring solution for the home.

Marble flooring can be installed by home owners relatively easily but home owners need to ensure they have the correct tools to hand. If marble tiles are not installed correctly, there will almost certainly be problems with your flooring later on. There are many professional Tile installers who will be able to carry out the job professionally for a reasonable fee.

Marble flooring will certainly provide home owners with a versatile, hard wearing and beautiful floor tile solution but Marble tiles are the more expensive Tile material and will need extra care and maintenance than other tile materials. If all of these factors are considered, marble tiles are a great flooring material.

There are many different shades and colours of marble tiles and it is always advisable to have a good look around at the options available.  Marble tiles also come in different sizes and there are many designs that can be achieved with marble tiles.

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Installing Ceramic Tile Made Easy and Fun

I’m a residential contractor AND I have recently done a Do-It-Yourself home project of installing tile in my own home.
Here are a few reasons you can and should install tile in your home:

First, every time I walk into my bathroom that my wife and I tiled last summer I still enjoy the idea that we did it ourselves. There is great satisfaction in learning to do a craft and seeing the end result especially in your own home.

Second, we saved a great deal of money. About 50 to 65% of the cost of installing tile is in the labor. And quite frankly, professional tile installers would rather be doing larger, higher volume jobs than a bathroom in a home. So they are not going to do it unless they are paid well.

And finally, the project can be done on your own schedule and like you want it done. The job is going to make a mess of part of you home for a while and you need to be able to schedule it around your life, not a professional tile installer’s. Use your vacation, your spring break, etc. You also have the flexibility to make changes as you go.

Then, of course, there are reasons you should be cautious about doing the tiling installation yourself. Ask yourself these questions:

Do you have the time available to complete the job?

Have you made adequate plans on how you want the tile done and how it will look when finished?

Are you prepared with enough knowledge of installing tile to make it a real success?

An upgrade to your home by installing ceramic tile is a good investment. Especially if you do-it-yourself. Our personal bathroom project was well worth the effort. And we get to see and enjoy what we have done everyday. I know a lot people that have done similar projects with good results.

Our project was not without some pit falls, but we learned and over came them. And we are looking forward to doing more tiling in our home.

Jay Leger has been working in homes doing insurance repairs since 1999. Have concerns about knowing all the details of your tile project? There is more information at Installing Ceramic Tile.